Apr 18, 2011

This calls for fro yo!

Wanted to do something special for Shawn on his birthday so got together some friends for dinner out, then Orange Leaf frozen yogurt:
We were home by 11. I guess we are getting old! That and when there's a sitter to pay, we don't stay out as late.
The self serve yogurt reflected our "couple" personalities:
Thanks for blessing us with an awesome time out, everyone! For more pictures from our evening, click here. Ian got some awesome shots on his fancy camera.
There's some new hooptie hoop in town. Look for it in my shop soon:
Have a groovy day, peeps.


katygirl said...

You are super creative with your hoop art!

TK said...

I adore your outfit...did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are??!! TK xx

Emily said...

mmm...fro yo. i exhibit ZERO self control when it comes to toppings on ice cream! ZERO!

looks like a great time :)

weza said...

11 is about as late as i can handle these days as well. Otherwise im a right off the next day.
Cute hoop!

Liz Lowrey said...

If there was ever any question about whether we married the right guy, the ice cream choices proved we are with the perfect guy for us! HA! FUN NIGHT!

life chasers said...

ha! self control with froyo? no thanks!
your hoop is amazing!