May 29, 2011

First Birthday Treats

For Wilder's first birthday I made this:
Time consuming but so worth it.
For Story's first birthday I made this:

Can you tell Story is second-born?

The yummyness is really all that matters. We are going to share the big cookie with my mom, since she and Sissy have the same b-day.

It is sunny and breezy here. And I'm probably more excited about borrowing Shawn's parents mini-van than I should be.

You know we're going to rock it.


Danielle said...

LOVE...i made my middle man one for his 3rd. and i am making a red/white/blue version tonight. :)

mama marchand said...

Um, BOTH look delicious. :)

livinganarmywifelife said...

(*clearing throat*) Minivans rock!! ;) Not that I drive one or anything. hehe

katygirl said...

they both look so delicious!

TDM Wendy said...

AMAZING!!! My birthday is Feb. 4th. Please bake.

Gma Kathy said...

Mini vans are sweet! But your babies (my grandbabies) are the sweetest! Your big cookie for Story and Gma Lila looks amazing!

TK said...

oh that Wilder cake is awesome BUT it would send my M way over the edge with all the colourings!!! Good to do just before he goes to his dad's place what do you think!!! Story's is refined and elegant and I ma sure it was totally yummy which is after all the min thing with all cakes!!! TK xx

Anonymous said...

Now that is impressive!