May 23, 2011

The kind of stuff we do

The kinds of things we do are go to playdates and birthday parties and the store and the park and on errands and doctor's appointments.

I try to capture these everyday moments "on film" as much as I can, but forget to post them to the blog, or don't, because they don't seem like "that big of a deal."

Well that's silly. Every challenging, wonderful day makes up the greater whole.

Enjoy these photos of a recent 3rd birthday party. This party stuff is off the hook! I love being a mom...these parties are fun for the kids plus there's cake. And loot bags. Buying the presents is fun, too.
So I'm sort of madly in love with this boy.

And I love my GIRLS...my friends and their girls.

If you are local and need a cake done I know someone. Imagine that! I sortof get made fun of for not being native to the area but still somehow knowing lots of people...I love seeing people I know around town.

Peeps are my thang. Yes, you count.

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Katie said...

hi mindy!

thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) you had asked me if i used wool felt or acrylic felt to make my wreath and sadly i do not know. i bought the cheapest felt at Michaels for $0.25. (hope that helps??) if i had scraps left i would read the little label but i do not, sorry.

your post here is making me want babies so i can have my very own playdates--looks so fun, those kids are lucky to have such fun moms! thanks again for stopping by, i look forward to coming back to your blog!

have a great day mindy!

Andrea said...

I love when you post pics of the kids! I sure will miss all of you, too bad I cant give the kids a squeeze through skype :(