May 26, 2011

Thought about it Thursday

I've thought about it: today's been good.

Had a couple of rough emotional days but things are looking better. My moods kindof go with the weather; it is sunny and gorgeous out, finally.

Care to see what we've been up to?

Adorned messy pony to feel less scroungy since I never have time for jewelry/win award for world's tallest fly-away:
Took my gorgeous babies to HobLob to find loot bag treasures for Story's first b-day.
I was parked during rear view mirror pics; promise.
Shawn, Jr, basically:
Yes, she's one year old this Saturday.
Got some new underwear from my SIL (who is moving to Alabama-I am sad):
Also excited this Roomba (on loan) is cleaning for me today:
Have the rest of the day/evening as a family; looking forward to it.

What have you thought about on this Thought About it Thursday? {I made that up}


april@gingerbread girl said...

um i thought about it....and i like it!

Michelle said...

My roomba vacuumed the basement for me this afternoon! I love my little helper! So glad you are feeling better.

weza said...

Cute cute cute head band.

grace said...

Haha. At first I was like underwear??
: )

I've thought about how thankful I am that my parents are so supportive.

Sarah B. said...

I think your kiddos are adorable! And I'm thinking how sad it is that the nearest craft store is 20 minutes away!!

Drea said...

adorable!!! i think mood swings are in the air this week too btw :)

alishamcclure said...

I thought about you today and about the movie we watched...and found myself giggling on and off all day long. ;)

Sarah said...

Love the hairband lady! I have been thinking about my little boy making his entrance to this world =)

katygirl said...

that fly away picture is hilarious!!

i can't believe our babies are turning 1!

Krista Hutton said...

My mood totally goes along with the weather too! It's been a rough month or month and a half for me:) We've had so many chilly, cloudy days, and it really gets me down! Add toddlers to the mix, and it just makes it that much worse. So thankful for the beautiful sunshine yesterday....just what the dr. ordered. Btw, the headband is adorable. Happy early birthday to Story!!

Andrea said...

I love your head-band! So darling! And I just love the name Story. :-) Thanks for stopping my blog. I just love finding new blogs! Happy weekend to you.

Jenna said...

i want to hear all about that robot! I've wanted one!