Jun 30, 2011

4th of July on my brain

During my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, lo and behold, there was Christmas stuff!! Patsy in fabrics said they received their fake trees in APRIL.

Christmas. stuff. In JUNE.

Santa, you'll just hafto wait. Uncle Sam wants his turn.

I skimmed what was left of patriotic stuff and got a few things for baking. Which got me thinking more about the Fourth and how fun it would be to check what Pinterest has as far as all things red/white/blue.
What fun I had!
If you are hosting a party and are going crazy with decor, do share pics!

Good night for now. Off to read Water for Elephants; I just might finish it in less than 2 years!


Grace said...

Love all the pinterestings :-) and water for elephants is in my cue {to read} too!!

theolivetree said...

great finds! I love the fourth!!!

Shelley said...

I love the heels at the top! Then I reminded myself "who am I fooling...have a two yr old to chase around. I too love pinterest!