Jun 21, 2011

date night

We got to have date night this weekend! I married a mighty fine feller, yes I did.
After all, he gave me these two:
That's some good stuff there.
Being a mom makes you do things you never thought you would like put dorky daisy clip art on your kids' pics. Oh yeah, do you see that Story already has a leg up on life? She's been doing that for evah. She's got a good toe point and is quite flexible, as you can see.

Future ballerina? And Wilder will be a chef/model/writer.


katygirl said...

WOW that is some leg!

TK said...

liking the leg action!!!!!

Ashli Aldrich said...

Cutie shoes,
Love the pointed toe, takes after her pretty momma

mama marchand said...

My little N does the same thing with her legs! Crazy girls! :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

oh my gosh i love that little toe point. yes on the ballet. do it. best thing ever to watch that little baby body in leotards, tights, tutus and slippers.