Jun 22, 2011

Do you like sausage?

I know that sausage is super unhealthy. And if I think long enough about mushed up meat going through a processor thingy then coming out in a long snake I gag.


But I have been desperate for some easy (it's always gotta be easy) dinner recipes. So I took a chance on this "Baked Potatoes with Polish Sausage Stir Fry" meal that is in my hometown church's collection of favorite recipes book. It is by my dear jr/sr high teacher, Mrs. V., who helped me through dissecting a pig and made me not that afraid of accounting. And once a year we'd go to her house for whole wheat pancakes and it was such a cool thing.


Baked potatoes for your family
1 Tbsp oil
1/2 lb fat free polish sausage, sliced
1 small chopped onion
1 tart apple, chopped
1 small green pepper, chopped
2 cups fresh or frozen broccoli, chopped

Bake potatoes in oven. In a skillet on medium high burner stir fry ingredients for 8-10 minutes. Serve over hot baked potatoes. Serves 2-4.
My changes: couldn't find polish sausage so I did summer. I used the whole pound. Sliced the apples rather than chopped. Microwaved taters instead of in oven. Served with fresh salad. And brownies afterward because I have a problem.
I liked the medley of flavors and the apples would've turned out better and had less of a tart overhang had I chopped them smaller.

Got any easy recipes for this novice?


I didn't start using olive oil until a couple years ago.
I actually painted my nails!
Story has a farmer's tan!
Go here for an awesome giveaway by my friend Katy, benefiting the Joyful Life Library (there's a $20 credit to my shop up for grabs amidst a gaggle of other treats!)That's it for now, folks.


april@gingerbread said...

r u kidding me? i love the sasauge!!! i ate a chili dog at knotts berry farm yesterday and i fully plan on blogging BOUT IT!!!

The Boccias said...

My husband's family makes like three different kinds of sausage. They have big plans for it. I'm not really a part of it except encouraging from afar. ;) That dinner looks good though. Love your nails!

livinganarmywifelife said...

I love the Jimmy Dean (I think?) Turkey Sausage links. They are soooo good and not that bad for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Mindy--one of our favorite (and EASY) recipes is called Smokey Po. It uses 1 green pepper that you seed and cut up into 1 inch pieces, 1 c diced onions, 1/4 c water, 12 oz peeled cooked potatoes (I either use frozen hash brown potato chunks OR cut up 2 regular potates and microwave until they are done!) and 1 lb smoked turkey sausage (or kielbasa--I use whatever I find on sale Or from Aldi's!). Easy directions: combine green pepper, onions and water. Cover and cook on medium heat until tender crisp. Add potato chunks and sausage (which you have sliced up!) and cook until mixture is heated through. VERY EASY--and if you don't like some of the ingredients, substitute or leave out!!