Jun 25, 2011

A little on friendship

My lifetime childhood friend A and I were parted by college and have struggled to keep in touch since. We have morphed into different people over the last decade, but the Lord has graced us with an untouchable bond. She lives in Brooklyn, commutes to NYC for a high end job, wed an artist. It had been 2 years (and 1 baby for me) since I'd seen her.

Here we are at her wedding in 2007. I am on her right since people have a hard time recognizing the younger Mindy--look I have a waist!
Having parents that still live in our hometown meant we could finally work out a quick rendezvous. A said it best: loved spending today with you; it made my heart sing.
blurry pic of us (I had shed my cute outfit hours prior; if not comfy, I strip)
at the local drugstore getting the world's best chocolate malt

She gave me Water for Elephants to read. The first page, there in the crease, I spotted a cookie crumb. I'm not one to miss that.

And I realized, that grace goes a long way.

Much like one can stare at the moon and wonder about loved ones afar gazing upon the same, why, we could eat a cookie (any excuse to do so!) & think of each other, an homage to days in our moms' kitchens concocting confections.

And savor every bite--each morsel a blue ribbon for memories not lost. Our walls will be full of such ribbons...the blue dye and gold letters will faint a little, the ribbons will stir a bit under the ceiling fan.

But will be so proud and humbled that all is not lost.
How have your friendships changed over the years? What are you doing to help your friends realize their dreams? To grown in their love of the Lord? What does friendship mean to you? Friends are a HUGE part of my life.

Love ya girls.


april@gingerbread said...

awww this post is so cute and i love you and kelly!!! how perfect!!!

chris | pickup some creativity said...

True friends pick up just where they left off. Time and space don't matter.

mama marchand said...

It's so hard when someone so close is so far away. My BFF (yes, I'm 12) lives in another state & we see each other sporadically. But, we text, tweet & email and it's like nothing has changed since we roomed together in college ... except EVERYTHING has. :) But, it doesn't matter to us ... we're still best friends, regardless of the distance.

Love this post!

Andrea said...

great post Mindy! I have several friends from college that I only see once or twice a year(if we are lucky) and it as if no time has passed between our visits, I love it! I pray i find one or two true friends here, as I am going to NEED friends in the months to come! I wish finding friends were as easy as it was in college, but maybe that is just me that struggles finding good close friends as an adult.

Angela said...

Seriously, love that drugstore.

Water for Elephants is fantastic!

So glad you two could get together again! Such fun!

TK said...

ummm....don't know about anyone else but I picked you out straight away in the wedding photo!!!!! you twit, you haven't changed a bit!!! So lovely to connect with old friends...I have one and we hadn't seen each other for about 4 years and yet it was like we had never lost touch, she is my sweetest dearest friend who just gets me. TK xx

seltzermint said...

I'm with TK, you haven't changed a bit! I have only seen you in photos on this blog but immediately recognized you when I saw that photo and w/o reading the text above or below my thought was "did she get a spray tan?" but that is all! :-)

Jessica said...

i loved reading this. distance separates me from two of my besties, but our friendship continues to grow through the years. LOVE IT.

Ashli said...

This is beautiful.