Jun 23, 2011

the Onion Tree

Scampered about town today.

Have I mentioned Shawn's cousin is back from college so I have her "on call" to babysit? It has been really nice to get some things done outside the home without having to subject the kids to countless errands and time in the hot car.

Today's main stop?

The Onion Tree, where I dropped off some headbands, hoop art, yarn wreaths, yoyo flower brooches, cards, bobby pins, and bottle cap magnets to sell. Bridgit and I had a low key Panera lunch and talked "bidness." I'm excited about this venture; planning to sell overflow on Esty, too.
If you're local, you hafto, must, are commanded, to check out the Onion Tree. It's the BEST place to find handmade gifts; all the artists are local save one from Oklahoma, if I'm not mistaken. It's like Etsy in a shop!
Thanks for having me share my wares, Bridgit!


Michelle said...

I am just so super excited for you!! How awesome?! I've never heard of the place, so I'm going to check it out the first chance I get! Woohoo!

weza said...

all the best with the new venture Mindy. Your craft is so cute, im sure it will sell super fast. xxx

Team Clancy said...

i wish i lived closer! what a neat looking store!

Andrea said...

I'm so proud of you for going after what you want! You are doing fabulous and I wish I had a little of your creativeness, outgoingness (not a word I know!)! I need to take lessons from you so I can get my dream up and running. It was also great chatting on Skype, miss you guys. By the way, love the OnionTree, wish I was closer so I could go check out your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new selling place! I bet they will keep you busy! -Summer

breitenbach8 said...

your stuff keeps getting cuter and cuter! i'll have to go by there and check it all out. sounds like a fun store!

life chasers said...

how exciting!!!! what an opportunity. that store looks like a dream!