Jun 28, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Hi, peeps. I'm linking up with Amy for her Virtual Coffee Tuesdays over at Lucky Number 13.
If you were joining me for coffee in real life, it wouldn't be til 9:00 at night because that's when I get my second wind. And you could have coffee but I would have milk or water. Those are my two favorite drinks.

I'd listen well but being the good friend you are you'd let me speak my piece(s):

~Neither child napped yesterday and I thought I was going to die.
~My friend D sent me a card and it said this in the margins: In friendship, there is healing - in each story we're brave enough to share, in each teardrop we refuse to hide, and in each step that leads us closer to our dreams. I find that to be so true. The last part resounds so strongly within me as I ask myself, what am I doing to help my friends fulfill their dreams, and what are they doing to help me reach mine?
~My friend's adoption story is one of hope, encouragement, and God's glory. I have been honored to prayer partner with L as she prepares to be a mommy again! Here we are praying for her at a shower:
~Wilder climbed a fairly tall ladder at the playground, all by himself. I was so proud of him; he is a bit timid on the playground but is progressing!
~Story is a ham; I suck on her nose.
~We had this book growing up so of course when I saw it at the library today, I had to get it!
~We have original, vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces in our house now! A hutch (will show a picture once it's filled) and 4 chairs (estate sale).
~Fresh hydrangeas (my favorite flower) from Mommy are still in the ice cream bucket because I'm too lazy to vase them.
~I made another wreath for Onion Tree. Materials: wool blend felt, straw wreath, yarn, vintage cotton tablecloth
Thanks for joining me for coffee! Thankfully both children napped today so I could hop online.


Moomser said...

What a gorgeous wreath! Thanks for coffee!

{Amy} said...

i love that wreath, so cute and i love hydrangeas, too! by 9:00 i am usually starting to feel pretty lazy but i would definitely join you..thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

katygirl said...

1. that's a really cool pic of you guys praying.
2. i hate milk with a passion.

Anonymous said...

When Derrick's Grandpa decides to downsize, I will call you. His house is VERY full of vintage items including LOTS of haywood wakefield. What will you do with your old set?

TDM Wendy said...

Gorgeous wreath.

alishamcclure said...

Love the wreath...absolutely gorgeous...like its creator!!!!!!!

TK said...

hydrangeas....I absolutely love them....my favouritest along with roses....when I married M's dad I wanted these table settings with hydrangeas in February (they flower in Dec & early Jan here in Australia) so I carried on like a complete bridezilla & my mum came up trumps!!! she worked some amazing magic with dried hydrangeas and I had my 'Vogue Entertaining' table settings after all!!! also love that you prayed for your friend's impending birth, such a sweet idea.TK xx

theolivetree said...

what sweet photos! saw you were from Kansas...I'm in MO we're neighbors! :)

Bethany said...

beautiful wreath, girl!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed our coffee talk!

Claire said...

beautiful pics and lovely to share stories with you :)

hannah singer said...

what a pretty wreath!!
see you at blog sugar! xo

{cuppakim} said...

popping over from blog sugar! so excited to see you on the list (i think i bought something from your etsy store a few months back - super cute teal shell dish thingy) - and now i'm looking at your store again and want MORE stuff. :) Those cute teal mugs and the map hoop art. can't wait to meet you in real life! :) your blog is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love Heywood! I'm obsessed with my dogbone chairs and table!! And we just recently scored a full-size bed from Wichita CL. Good finds-can't wait to see the hutch!

P.S-It's Mary-Having trouble posting unless Anonymous.

redheadreverie said...

That wreath is the coolest!

Ha! Everybody Poops...that's a classic. I read it to E and giggled every time I said poop...such a boy.

And those hydrangeas made me swoon. The look so perfect, I thought for a moment they were fake. Beautiful and I think the Blue Bunny ice cream bucket makes a dandy looking vase.

Well, thanks for coffee and the chat.

Have a fabulous weekend.