Jun 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

This isn't really what I wore today but Shawn took pics on date night and I wanted to share them. Thought I'm not thin & am a pear-shape, I still love to wear dark-wash skinny jeans with everything.
Makes getting ready for the day super easy.
Black tee-Old Navy
Grey workout tank-Victoria's Secret
Skinny jeans-JC Penney
Flats-old Payless
Hippie Headband-Prairieology
Necklace-Soleil Selene
And that's What I Wore on Wednesday. But on a Friday. For a hot date.


Kaycie said...

Hey! I found you from the pleated poppy. I LOVE your outifit! The colors are so vibrant and perfect for summer!

Kyle said...

i think i remember a time you told me you couldn't wear skinny jeans because of your shape. not so! you're a total babe!

Julie said...

I love that first picture. You are beautiful!!

christa morris said...

Hey Miss Mindy. Wasn't sure if you have seen it yet, you were the winner to a large ad space! email me you 200X200 Button :)

Denise said...

you look fabulous in this outfit, and the skinny jeans look great on you!

glad you stopped by my blog.
see you at blog sugar!!!

Grace said...

You are too cute! love your blog {and your outfits!!} Nice to *meet* you! Cant wait to actually meet you at BLogSugar!!! [and Im following now too :-}

Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

Oh I love your outfit! So cute! The necklace looks great with it. :)

alishamcclure said...

Beautiful lady!

Jamie said...

You're gorgeous! I love that necklace. It looks like a totally different color in a few of the pics. Regardless, it's really pretty. The background with the "prettified" graffiti is really neat!! Great pictures.