Jun 15, 2011

Yarn Wreath My Way/WIWW/Antique Mall

This is a three part post. Let's humor our grammar teachers and create an outline.

I. Yarn Wreath My Way
a. heart shaped
b. multi-colored
c. for sale
II. What I Wore Wednesday
etc etc
III. Antique Store I Love
ok I give up!

My newest yarn wreath. I love it and want to keep it.
What I Wore Today/Wednesday:

Total dork, huh? This is me. This is real life. I don't always get "done-up."
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure T-Shirt
Old Navy Jeans
Flip Flops
Prairieology headband on greasy hair

What I wish I'd worn if I had the body/budget (the blue flowy shirt and some longer age appropriate shorts):
Bullet point III: some cell phone pics of my most favorite booth at the antique mall:

Cheers til next time!


Emily said...

That chair is way too cool! Awesome!

gb said...

Are you trying to steal my race tshirt look? I just acquired another one. Of course you look way cuter in yours. I am sure anytime you look across the street I will be sporting a running t.

Kelly said...

your perfect in "real life"
i love those glasses.

The Sugar Mountain said...

love your craftiness & your "real life" pic. Very cute blog & I'm not following to keep up. :) mb (www.thesugarmountain.com)

katygirl said...

i've been out of the blog loop for the week so i'm getting caught up! i love the REAL picture you posted! people need to do that more often. :)

alishamcclure said...

I heart Legacy!! Chad and saw the mini bar last time we were in there and actaully contemplated buying it for a laugh! :) Oh yeah I also totally heart you too!!