Jul 20, 2011

Random thoughts today

Sometimes I sit on our computer chair in my undies and a t-shirt then when I get out of the chair my butt sticks to the lining. Rrrriiipppp. And it kinda hurts. So if that is you, go put on something comfy and more protective, then come back to read me ramble.

Oh, you're back!

Story is done nursing. Henceforth I am lopsided. Was in a lot of pain during my and Shawn's getaway (other than that we had a perfect time). And I am sad. It means she's not a newborn anymore. Wait, what? She hasn't been a newborn for like, a year. But still. It is just sad that she is now independent of me in that feeding facet. I will miss being close to her like that.
I was really ready to be done nursing Wilder--he was 8 months old when he weaned; we struggled the whole nursing process. Story lasted 13 months! Hooray! Perhaps I enjoyed it more with her because that was the "only" time we had to bond together--most of my other moments were spent wrangling/chasing/playing with WildMan. Plus she was a good eater.

Life goes on, huh?

I sold 6 headbands yesterday. Praise the Lord! I was beginning to feel defeated, swallowed up in a sea of shop owners and bloggers who work their tails off & have better ideas & more followers etc. These few sales tell me to keep going! Click here or here for current giveaways featuring my headbands.
Wilder tried one on.
Brooches too!I have never made pie. Today I bought ingredients for apple pie based off this book. Wish me luck!

More weekend pics for you.

I chose a vintage-inspired dress to wear to the wedding:
Dress: StopStaring! (vintage inspired dresses/prints and rockabilly clothing)
Shoes: Payless
Pearl necklace: made by a friend
Hairpiece: made by me
Ring: Michael's

Cousins (curly haired girl is Sissy):
Dream house:Dream food. All organic. Oh my gosh.The only Hammerpress store ever (letterpress paper goods to die for; products found in cute stores everywhere; we bought 3 prints for our bedroom!!):


Ashli said...

Oh my gosh, what happened to amelia b?
She doesn't look the same at all, wouldn't have recognized the book!
Also, love the website with the dresses...I actually shop at a boutique in NY that has these, I own one of them, the black with the red kick pleats...and my vintage suit is from there as well...
Looks like a fun adventure!

katygirl said...

you give me hope that my next child will be a better nurser!

The Boccias said...

Congrats on your headband sales! Can't wait to see what you're sending me! :)

Love the picture of you and Story--too sweet.

Jami Nato said...

were you at westside local...hmmm, or farm to market? why did we not hang out?

Kristin said...

So glad to hear about your sales! CONGRATS! :) and keep at it.

Jo said...

Well done with your headbands! <3 They are oh-so gorgeous! I love the bright colours!

Lost in the Haze

Kelly said...

Whenever they wean, it is bittersweet...I nursed my son into toddlerhood and it was still a little sad when he weaned, it's such a special time! Well done, Mama! Look at your healthy, strong little ones!

life chasers said...

i could only nurse ashlynn for 3 months :( praying that i can go longer with this one!
i'm so happy for you with your headbands! you deserve it!!!
aaannnnddd....you look amazing! great dress! your 'girls' look incredible in it. just sayin'.

emilyjsimpson said...

You are hilarious! The opening to this post had me giggling. I also just want to say that you have great names in your family. My guy's name is also Shawn and I'm totally in love with the names Story and Wilder.

I think I'm going to start reading your blog more often, cuz its great! :)


ParadigmShift said...

Dear Friend,

Our babies are the same age (Your Story, my Monkey) And both decided to stop nursing at the same age.I totally feel your pain (literally as its painful adjusting, well as emotionally) So just wanted to let you know I totally enjoyed this post! Hope all is well :)