Jul 28, 2011

Feeling behind

Though I'm feeling behind on a bunch of things, I just have to share the 430 amazingly interesting and professionally shot pictures from vacation! First things first...Big Brutus, an 11 million pound electric shovel...don't make fun of the Midwesterner's Great Form of Entertainment.
We ate all local food:And stayed here: Okay not really--it's a cabin at a museum.

It's good to be back. As is usually the case upon return from a week of frolic, there's much to be completed at home...a to-do list that resembles the ones I made during the nesting phases of both pregnancies. But tonight I'm going to a 31Gifts party to relax with pals; ever been to one?

We came home to plants out front that were still alive, thanks to neighbors, and several mail parcels--happy mail days are the best. I got stuff from LittleMissMomma, 31 Bits, SugarMoney, thePlaidCupcake, and my auntie. Most won on giveaways...want pictures later?

New headbands crafted while away. Both fun and relaxing to create:
Off to make some dinner...


katygirl said...

scott would love that big weird tractor thing.

Kristin said...

i remember seeing big brutus as a kid. :) hope you had a nice vacation and get adjusted to being back at home quickly. i always think i need a vacation after a vacation - it can be exhausting to come home.