Jul 19, 2011

The hubs--anniversary number EIGHT. a trip.

We were 21 and 22 when we got married. So basically we knew nothing. I just knew that I really wanted to be married...I was tired of being parted by night and wanted all of my moments to be our moments.

I was obsessed with Shawn (ask college friends about my "Shawn shrine") and with the notion of marriage. And while we were pretty prayed up about the wedding, about the seriousness of exchanging vows, we still had our fair share of struggles the first couple of years...with the typical differences of opinion still causing a tiff every now and then. Having met in junior high, we grew up together. It's hard to remember a time in my life when Shawn wasn't there. There is comfort and stability and strength and power and unfaltering in that tight of a bond.

I still get jealous. He works with beautiful women so I have to make an appearance sometimes. Ha. Even though I'm not very confident and am a little overweight I still gotta mark my territory!

What most drew me to Shawn, way back in middle school, was his likeability and creativity, both qualities that he still possesses. He has a warmth about him and I can trust him with the most absurd thoughts, silliest dreams...I know that he delights in me and genuinely wants to be with me.

We attended a wedding out of town this weekend; we chose not to take the kids (thank you in-laws for going above and beyond!) so it could be about us and our anniversary, too.

We had a ball shopping, eating at fun places, doing photo booth at the wedding, watching HGTV and the History Channel, sleeping in a bed we didn't make, not rolling out of it til 10:30a.m.

I tried some vintage hair out for him:

He liked it!

We dig Urban Outfitters...

Fab bedding...I coveted it a little.
I wanted the bunting, too. Too expensive. Gotta learn how to sew.
Baubles and do-dads.
Dresses that only skinny girls can wear. Liz, I thought of you.
Though the nights were muggy, the view was beautiful.
Shawn, I love everything about you. You are the pepto to my bismol.
Thank you for letting me stare at you during church. Sometimes I don't listen to the sermon. You are too big of a distraction. I love being close to you like that, all snuggled in. Happy Anniversary forever. ~your wifey


Natalie said...

Awe this is the sweetest! Happy anniversary :)
My hubby and I were up there too this weekend! What a small world?! Dontcha just LOVE LOVE that hotel? it's one of my faves. Hope you two had just a fabulous time together!

alishamcclure said...

What a great couple!! Love you guys and feel so blessed that you are a part of our lives!!!

katygirl said...

1. your eyes are beautiful mindy!
2. such a sweet post for your husband.
3. i need that headboard.

Liz Lowrey said...

Happy Anniversary you two love birds!!
I loved your vintage hair, beautiful!!
And, I love Urban Outfitters! Going to KC next week, so may have to stop by and check out those dresses :). Thanks for thinking of me, not feeling too skinny these days :).

mama marchand said...

Awww, happy anniversary!!!

Brandi said...

Um. The Raphael? We were there too this weekend. How funny!

Kelly said...

your hair looks smashing. i could get lost in urban outfitters forevah!

Patty said...

This is too cute! I love your hair and how you're the pepto to his bismol :-)

theolivetree said...

dates are the best! you look so pretty!!

Cyrus and Hilary said...

I recognized that Urban Outfitters, hotel, and plaza walk!

Julie said...

What a sweet, sweet post. You two are such a perfect match. :) Happy Anniversary! So glad you had a lovely getaway.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!


april@gingerbread said...

ok I need a how-to for your hair! I love it!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so sweet! happy 8 years!!

i love your HAIR!! and you are gorgeous woman!

Emily @ Blueberry's Blog

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary! Your hair looked adorable!

The Boccias said...

Happy anniversary!

Lora said...

I feel your pain on the skinny dresses. I'm a little too heavy up top for those dainty little things! LOVE your hair!