Aug 18, 2011

It's okay to hire a sitter

My sitter comes once a week so I can lunch with a friend, go to an appointment, get some shopping done, run errands, etc. I am so grateful for the time to myself and thank God for loving me through "adult/big girl" time.

It isn't really in our budget to have a sitter (any other single income fams out there?), but we are looking to find other areas to cut corners so I can have a bit of reprieve during the week. Mommy guilt makes me feel bad about craving this time, about leaving; I mean, didn't I quit my career to stay home full time? I think most mums would probably say they need a break. I happen to be very fortunate to have someone in town that I trust to keep the babies on a regular basis.
For this break I popped into Onion Tree to drop off some headbands. If you're local, please stop in and say, "hi", maybe even pick up a locally made treat for a friend, or you. It has been a slow summer for Bridgit which also means a slow summer for us, her artists.

See something you like? I'll pop it on my Etsy if you're interested.
Here's what I wore today, since I haven't done WIWW in a while. Thursday will have to do!
Very blurry picture...not enough natural lighting. Go ahead and cringe, my professional photographer friends! I know it's lousy!

Headband-made by me
Shirt-Old Navy
Jeans-Levi's $11 at 1/2 of a 1/2 Store
Necklace and White Ring-Little Miss Momma


Kelly said...

You look so cute! Good for you for taking a break each week for yourself!

Jami said...

Do not feel guilty! I don't have a set time for my sitter to come but I do hire one often. Sometimes just so I can go to the grocery store. Sometimes to go shopping and sometimes just to go to the park and read. I feel blessed to have someone I trust to watch over my 4 kids {that's saying a lot...it's not easy}. Count it a blessing and have fun!

Kate said...

You can't feel guilty! It isn't like we're working 8-5 w/ an hour for lunch!! I live for my Mom's Day Out programs or once a week sitter in the summer! That alone time irreplaceable!

Cerrisse said...

I think its great you take time for yourself, it really is so healthy. My family is also a one income family and also a one car family so I am stuck at home all day! I would love to get out just for a day or two and do stuff.
p.s. got your headband and I love it! thanks so much :)

Monica said...

I have one income plus child support, so that probably equals about the same as your one income, but then when you deduct the cost of daycare, well...lets just say things are tight. I spend minimum of $200 a week on childcare just to work. But I also still hire a sitter on Sunday mornings for another $25 so I can run. I will keep the kids with me to shop, clean, etc. so that I can use the sitter to exercise alone. And I really need to find some more ways to save money around here. I am always looking for coupons, deals, freebies, making my own cleaners, anything to afford that sitter!

karamurano said...

you're adorable. I am looking forward to meeting you at blog sugar!

Kristin said...

i think it's great you give yourself some time every week - every mama need a little break. we're pretty much single income too (especially after my part-time job is up at the end of August), so i completely understand living on a tight budget too!

alishamcclure said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, the BEST way to take care of our kids is to make sure we are healthy and happy...that way we can give our best selves to our kiddos. I take breaks every once in a while too, it's not only good for momma, but good for the kids too. I love you!!!!

Jamie said...

If we were either close to family or lived in a city where we trusted people (that also had an abundance of young people and not senior citizens) or were actually going to live here for years to come, we'd definitely get a sitter, too. Mainly just for date nights, since we have had one, in, oh, 3 years, though. It sure would be nice to have someone to call, though, when I really need a break.

Needless to say, I can't WAIT to move back home and put down some roots, which includes finding a reliable babysitter.

Michelle said...

I feel guilty too about leaving my kids but I also agree whole-heartedly with you about needing the alone time to be a healthy mommy and a healthy mommy is good for the kids. I've been meaning to ask you how your stuff was selling at Olive Tree - sorry to hear it's been slow.

Anonymous said...

I would love that luxury as well. You're very blessed to have a husband and family that will keep the kids on weekends too so you can skip off to Dallas or time with the sisters. I'm missing out on much "me" time without having people to help.

TDM Wendy said...

Yes for sitters and mom taking a break. And getting refreshed for the motherhood. So important.