Aug 28, 2011

A morning with the Mennonites/some cupcakes/Mexi night

The days have been so busy I've barely a moment to sit. Good news is that I've (with the help of awesome friends) finished 116 out of the 200 BlogSugar swag bag items that are due 9/1.

I'll catch you up on other stuff:

Thursday--cupcake party night at my friend A's
Friday--Mexi night out with the family
Saturday--a morning/festival at a nearby Mennonite community. We heard there would be horses and tractors (we knew WildMan would love it), and we had nothing going on yesterday, so made the little trip.
Lastly, my sister, who has her own vintage shop, JustVintage, was in her local news. You simply must watch the video. She looks gorgeous and is just so cute and professional. I am so proud of her.


Jami Nato said...

Cupcake party?! Sign me up...

Liz Lowrey said...

The pic of you and Ashley . . . beautiful!! And your sissy did an awesome job on the news!! How cool was that? There is just too much talent in your family :)

A Modern Hippie said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Wilder looks so much like Cale and Tanner did when they were kids now that he has short hair.