Sep 20, 2011

Don't Cross THIS Mama Bear

Excuse the jargon, but, I've gotten a lot more, uh, ballzy since becoming a mum.

I'm all for letting kids be independent, experience new things, learn, and grow, which sometimes means getting their feelings hurt. I'm not one of those parents who's going to tolerate all kinds of bad behavior from my kids just because I don't want to hurt their feelings--or keep them from people and social experiences. I'm not going to be the mom who calls and says, "your kid did my kid wrong and you need to fix it." At least I don't think so.

I get a free one-time pass though, right? Today, I was that mom. Maybe I'm a goner. Maybe there's no hope for me. I'd just never felt such a huge well of anger in me like that (except at an estate sale where I gave the guy a piece of my mind after he barked at my kids, then stormed out; my bad).

Today's fury ran deep and I acted on it about an hour after "the incident."

That was enough time to let it brew, I think. I so wasn't acting out of my emotions.

Ok, who am I kidding, I so was!

We went to this little class, the kids and I, and I could tell right away the lady in charge runs a tight ship. I felt like I'd get reprimanded if I didn't do duck tail hands behind my back or if I dropped a pencil. Imagine how the kids felt. Some kids respond well to that kind of authority, the disciplinarian kind (we do discipline; I'm talking about teachers, babysitters, other people in charge), but my son is very "feely" and sensitive, like me. Heart on our sleeves, I tell you. So we are a little more fragile with grouchy people. And that lady didn't know that; I wouldn't have expected her to.To preserve anonymity I won't go into details of today. I am proud of myself for biting my tongue at the actual class, and waiting to voice my thoughts on the matter (to the supervisor) until I got home.

I surprised myself with mama bear defensiveness today. Really need to pray about it...should I just let these kinds of things roll off my shoulders & let God judge?


mama marchand said...

It's a tough call. I've been in situations before where I've reacted and addressed the issue and other situations where I haven't done anything. Most of the time, I regret not saying or doing something. I think if you address the situation in a Godly way and pause to breathe before handling it, I think it's just fine.

God created us to be our kids' mamas and we are supposed to watch out for them, protect them, and stick up for them when need be. Go with your gut. I think you did the right thing. :) *hugs*

Michelle said...

I'm a mama bear through and through so I totally agree with sticking up for, protecting, defending your kids! I'm probably not always graceful about it but I do what I've got to do. It's my job as their mom.

Keep up the good work!

Rachael said...

I have a feeling I know EXACTLY where you were, and yes, it is OK that you said something. I think people sometimes do not have a clue until someone brings it to their attention about how they come across. (cause um..I guess sometimes I am one of those people who do not have a clue) maybe? but I try not to be

Mary said...

HA! I know exactly who you are talking about. My girls decided they didn't go back. They never said why but just that they didn't so we stopped.

TheHappyNeills said...

I think you did the right thing. As a mom, you have a duty to your kids, so you do NOT have to just let things go all the time.