Sep 15, 2011

Gussy Sew's Inspiration Workshop: favorite shop

This week's prompt for the Gussy Sew's Inspiration Workshop was "favorite shop."

Well, that's not too hard to come up with! My favorite shop in town is Legacy Antiques.

I just got to go last week. Dixie has the upper hand on all the mid-century stuff. She has three booths there and I've spotted her once at an estate sale.Amazing, huh? This is about the third time I've done a blog post on her mid-century finds.My favorite online shop is my own Etsy...putting in a shameless plug for my own business there! Did you know that all purchases go toward helping my family run on less financial stress? And that I strive for originality in all my creations (which includes using quality felt and vintage fabrics!).What are your favorite shops?
Posting an awesome giveaway link here. If you're thinking of going to the Creative Estates Retreat Giveaway, then click on Little Miss Momma's giveaway post for a chance to win a ticket! (it would be the only way I could go)


Patty B. said...

What a cute vintage shop! I can see why you like it. I want to reach in and pull a number of things right out of there. And I love your headbands, definitely keeping it on my list come Christmas time!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute little shop!

weza said...

Im in love with your head bands. They seriously rock. And that tall genie lamp, wow veryvery cool.