Sep 14, 2011


minimal makeup today; how refreshing

I love my long hair manely (ha) for its versatility.

I don't know if I have the right face shape for the style my hair is. I've heard people with full/round faces should "build the hair on top" and keep the buoyancy away from the cheek area. I used to follow those rules when I had shorter hair, but my momma/crafter/blogger/entrepreneur schedule doesn't lend itself to hours in front of the mirror.

Want to hear my hair regimen? I use few products.

~wash (Biolage shampoo and Dove conditioner) hair every other night (or 2 nights) before bed
~go to bed with it damp
~wake up, finger comb, style into a hippie headband or up-pony or side braid/pony (okay, 10% of the time I use pomade for flyaways)
~if it's a dressier occasion, I throw it in rollers, turn my head over and toss the curls out, and go
~I self-color it maybe once ever 3-4 months which is so not enough but I don't care.
~I only get it trimmed a handful of times a year now.

I'm so excited winter is coming so I can experiment with fun crocheted hair accessories, like the one pictured above. Stole it for a mere $8 on Sister's Weekend.

Don't forget to see my shop featured on the Soleil Selene blog! It's for a $20 store credit. I think Leilani did a great job of profiling me/blog/shop. I am honored.


april@gingerbread said...

You are gorgeous!

Mindy Harris said...

april you made my day. really.

Cerrisse said...

thanks for the tips, and I love that headband :)

Cat said...

really cute hair! Love your headwrap - where did you get it?

A Modern Hippie said...

I love your long hair. Wish I could pull of longer hair so I had some style options. Short hair gets boring after awhile! My moto for makeup, less is better. You look great just the way you are:)

Summer Inc said...

You are so cute! I wish my hair was long enough to look "cute" pulled up. Hopefully by the time baby gets here, because heaven knows I won't fix my hair for a bit after he is here.

va said...

I love the minimal makeup!! YOu are gorgeous!!!