Sep 11, 2011

Rain that cometh

We are seeing glimpses of fall, finally, and had a bit of a sprinkling this weekend (Friday?).

The babies were more than eager to get their feet wet:
Story is an absolute hoot these days. She doesn't bend her knees when she walks. She's our peg-leg pirate.
Wilder is growing more independent & jabbers a lot a lot. Wonder who he gets it from?

Shawn got sandwiched between two cars in a fender bender. When he's late coming home from work I usually just think he got tied up. I used to be really afraid that it was because he got in an accident. This time, he actually was in one...we are praising Jesus for His divine protection!
The three day garage sale is over! Special thanks to Laura, Julie, Alisha, Shawn, Harold, Kathy, & Megan for allowing me to leave a couple times for obligations!
Praying for the families who lost loved ones in 9/11. They are not forgotten. Lord, we trust that Your justice will reign.
photo credit, fleurbloom blog


Kaitlin Mattingly said...

aww this post is those cute. and those lil tottss are just darling

xo kaitlin

Stacey said...

I didn't know about Shawn's accident! So glad he's ok!

katygirl said...

i still get scared that scott's in a car accident!!

Emily said...

Your babes are too darling! Story is getting so big :)

Darby said...

Mindy your little ones are too cute! I met Megan last week and her sweet little girl too! I have a shop called Underground Vintage in Sullivan just a few towns away from Megan's shop (which I absolutely love. I love reading your blog and love all of your creations!


Kyle said...

ok, story's face in that second picture is killing me. how cute!

aaaand about the doula-ing... i would(of course!) love to be a doula for you for any future babies! just hold off long enough for me to finish my cerification, mmmkay?? :)
i don't really know what the rate ususally is.. i know that my doula was $350. that included a few appointments and a meeting/consultaion. hopefully i'll have a better grasp on the financial side of things here soon!