Sep 13, 2011

These matter

These little things matter in my wee corner of the interwebs.

I went the extra mile to get my kids a wagon ride at the park this morning. You can make fun of this hillbilly mini van. I fiddled with the bungee cords all by myself! Lord, will you provide us with a larger vehicle?
I watched Parenthood while doing nothing (no crafting or folding laundry).

The whole family went on a picnic/park date this evening.

Signed up for a booth at 2 craft fairs.

Signed up for a fundraiser here that will give me the chance to stylize a holiday table (which I'm titling "Vintage Cheer").

Kissed my husband more than twice and actually talked with him about the day.

Cried while watching Shawn and Story read together.

Patted Wilder's post-bath tushy (I just can't help myself).

I am tired for all the right reasons!

Farewell for now. I leave you with recent photos from two different friend's kid's parties:
And L's baby shower (she is wearing a headband I made!):
I love these girls. L is having a girl in a week or so. That means we will all three have a first born son and second-born daughter. Isn't that neat! I think we need to live in a commune and just raise everyone together. These girls are so precious to me.

Life SO needs captured on film.

(now I know there's some weird tape stuff that got laundered into my orange dress...see it on the sleeve? no one told me...maybe they didn't notice?)

Do you take your camera everywhere? I may not have a cute JoTotes bag but I still take my clunky Nikon camera/bag with me 90% of the time! You never know when you may be the only person with a camera...or when you'll see something interesting...


april@gingerbread said...

You have the cutest friends!!! Can't wait to see you in like 2 weeks! Yay...big hug time...PS...I have big hips too...when you wear those skirts vintage style they go under your boobs....so they hide the hips...I have the biggest hips ever! I wear a medium on top and an xlarge on the bottom....:)

Jenna said...

It is just uncanny that you, Julie and Liz have the "same" order of kids.
And I'm so glad you made it to the park! :)

Liz Lowrey said...

Thanks for posting pics from my shower!! Love your photog skills!! Not sure I gave your headband justice though, not feeling the cutest these days :).
I LOVE LOVE, that we have boys/girls, I think God planned that for us for sure!!
Love you forever friend!!

Liz Lowrey said...

Also, I love that pic of Juls with her dog it's hilarious!!

Julie said...

Yes, Liz, the dog picture is so hilarious because you know how much I LOVE my dogs. haha.

Loved all these pictures, Mindy. I'm proud of you for getting the wagon in your car. You are amazing. I can't even get our wagon in the Xterra.