Oct 26, 2011

WIWW Exhausted Style

We're in the middle of the week and I'm finding myself a tad exhausted already. I still got ready today, though...met my friend A for lunch at a tea place. She shot some WIWW pics for me!
White tee-Kohls
Purple tank-Target
Black pants-Limited (handmedown)


Kelly said...

You look gorgeous, and girl you sure know how to rock a headland. Want to come show me how wear mine. Ha.ha!

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

aww tea sounds like so much fun!
and i love that purple tank.
pretty color on you too!

Kait xo

mama marchand said...

You're lovely!

Kassie said...

Great outfit! Saw those tank tops at Target and thought about getting one! Very cute!

Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

so pretty, love the accessories! stopping by from wiww, i'd love for you to stop by and checkout the huge ($100) giveaway going on at my blog- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html xoxo nicole

Lindsay said...

I LOVE that tank! I almost bought the mustard one at Target :) Your clips are on their way :) XOXO

cate said...

Oh, I wish I could wear a cute headband like that - they never seem to work on me, but you look so great!!

Kristin said...

Love the headband! So cute!

Alyx said...

I'm just going to echo what everyone else said and tell you how much I love that headband! Too cute!

Digger said...

Look how cute you are!!! I'm jealous! I need style! lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

Digger ~xoxo~

katygirl said...

you are so cute & pretty!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh girl I LOVE your headband! The pics of your kiddos on the left side of your blog are adorable!! Hahaa the spaghtetti one is awesome!

Julie said...

Were you at Cup and Saucer? ;) You look BEAUTIFUL. Miss you.

Summer said...

Looking good momma!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

You look stunning!! So glad I found your blog! Thanks for your sweet comment on ours! We appreciate it! :) Looking forward to following your adventures!

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Chelsea said...

I'm so excited to be following your blog now! I love the variety of everything you post on here! I also LOVE your hair :) So pretty!

Stacie @ Jame said...

I found you through followers fest! What a beautiful blog. I have a Christmas series going on with a Christmas post a day for 50 days and it just started! You should check it out!