Nov 29, 2011

A Vocabulary Lesson and How to Step Back From Holiday Crowds

Serry (ser-ee) is a verb meaning "to crowd closely together" and is spelled serry. Ever heard this word before? Me neither. Serry's the word of the day on dictionary.com. Work with me here on my fascination with vocab words.

It makes sense that in today's clicks/texts/tweets I would go to (in a, I confess, relentless case of writer's block/desperately seeking inspiration) a web-based version of the red indexed sidekick I manhandled in college...I needed it for all those "term" papers. Endless papers. And I didn't even have a difficult major. Try explaining, I graduated with a degree in Family Life and Community Services, to the masses!

Serry couldn't be a more fitting word for the holiday season. Crowds in stores. Seriously why are you even in this aisle? This is my territory.

Crowds in line at the ATM and Redbox. Crowds in the cold searching for the perfect Oswald Family Christmas-Christmas tree. Crowds can really get on my nerves. The people needing a fashion makeover (I really did just admit this is an annoyance of mine) the people being impatient or rude, especially to any employees...
My heart yearns to see people serrying at the grocers' Christmas dinner donation bins, the Salvation Army bell ringer's tin, around our own tables to a warm (even if it's microwaved) family meal.We can crowd in good ways. Crowd all of us at the foot of the Cross where we fling stuff we just can't bear to bear anymore. Crowd our friends with hugs, notes of encouragement, gifts just because. Crowd our spouse with tight hugs out of a desperation to hang onto moments. Their scents, sounds, the light, and always a pleasant inner tune in those moments.

Crowd the air with songs of gratitude. Crowd with your children underneath a tent of blankets. Crowd them in and tell them how special they are.Serry.

Let's beat good old Webster's bland approach with our very best, pure versions of serrying.

You'll be having too much fun to merge with the crowds.

And there's always online shopping.


hannah singer said...

love it.
off to commence a delightful serry.


Bethany said...

what a beautiful for challenge for this season! blessings and love!

alishamcclure said...

I love this post! Really highlights your talent at writing...and I love the sentiment as well. Let's serry sometime soon!!

katygirl said...

you are so cute with your straight hair.

Jess said...

unique post about a great reminder! :)

p.s. new vocab words rock.