Nov 17, 2011

WIWW-With the Mailman & Beads from Africa

This week's WIWW is a little past due but I'm not really a rules kinda gal... Had so much fun borrowing my friend's cute printed shirt from the Buckle.
Oh yeah, we also got pictures with Santy Claus, aka, the mailman. He was sweet.
Details on the outfits:
Wilder-Old Navy and Walmart garb
Story-handmedowns, cute apron from a boutique, headband by me
Me-Blue cardigan Old Navy (ancient), top borrowed, jeans Kohls, boots Target (ancient), bracelet and clutch Noonday Collections, necklace the Rusted Chain, buttercream ring Along for the Ride, rhinestone ring Premiere, headband by me

I'm excited for MAPS tomorrow; it's pajama day! Maybe I will get pics.

If you love the bracelet and clutch by Noonday Collections, consider hosting a trunk show (I won mine in a blog giveaway). Here's more about Noonday:
above photo and below script all credited to Noonday Collection

After visiting Uganda in February of 2010 and holding hundreds of children without moms and dads, Joe and Jessica Honegger (the founder) decided to adopt internationally (from Rwanda). Also on that visit, they met up with long time friends who had lived in Uganda for many years trying to create sustainable income opportunities for the Ugandan people. They asked Jessica if she would like to sell the fair-trade locally made goods in Austin, in order to raise money for the costly adoption process. Jessica agreed and the first Noonday Collection trunk show was born! You can read more about her story here.

Word spread quickly about Noonday's envied products and the lives they impact. Other women wanted to style their friends while advocating for women and kids. Soon, the Ambassador program launched and Noonday Collection will soon be found in a home near you!

At Noonday Collection, we believe every child belongs in a family. While the owner is no longer raising money for their Rwandan adoption (though they think more adoptions will come), the vision remains the same. We advocate for the orphan by:

  • Providing jobs that create a pathway out of poverty for women. A stable income means a family is less likely to abandon their child.
  • Help families fundraise for their own adoptions. We give10% of trunk show sales directly to the adoptive family when they host a trunk show.
  • Aside from donating 10% towards qualified adoptive families, Noonday Collection gives net proceeds towards orphan care and prevention. Watch the video to see one of our main beneficiaries.
  • The dream: Take YOU on a trip to visit artisans and visit orphans in their distress.

Ready to make a difference? HOST A TRUNK SHOW


Jodi said...

Love that top! :)

lowercase letters said...

that's your MAILMAN?! lucky duck! :) too awesome.
LOVE the colors and your outfit!

alishamcclure said...

wow, you are so stunning!! you must come get me dressed everday!

april@gingerbread said...

you are gorgeous!

Ashli said...

Hey Lady- Love the hair, new cut? So cute

Susanne said...

love your cute outfit, love your kid's names & LOVE your hair!

breitenbach8 said...

and you didn't even wear your pj today! you came dressed all cute!

Julie said...

So pretty! And I LOVE Story's headband; it's precious on her. Love!

katygirl said...

that shirt is so cute mindy!

kaylee@life chasers said...

um, you look AMAZING!!!!
Loving your color :)

Kassie said...

Love your top!

Mackeys Moments said...

love your top and love Santa! so awesome!!

Breeann said...

Love the shirt and your hair! You always have your hair looking so cute :) xoxo

Ayana said...

You are so pretty! And I love that bracelet!

shopfreak said...

Cute accessories!