Jun 30, 2011

4th of July on my brain

During my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, lo and behold, there was Christmas stuff!! Patsy in fabrics said they received their fake trees in APRIL.

Christmas. stuff. In JUNE.

Santa, you'll just hafto wait. Uncle Sam wants his turn.

I skimmed what was left of patriotic stuff and got a few things for baking. Which got me thinking more about the Fourth and how fun it would be to check what Pinterest has as far as all things red/white/blue.
What fun I had!
If you are hosting a party and are going crazy with decor, do share pics!

Good night for now. Off to read Water for Elephants; I just might finish it in less than 2 years!

Jun 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

This isn't really what I wore today but Shawn took pics on date night and I wanted to share them. Thought I'm not thin & am a pear-shape, I still love to wear dark-wash skinny jeans with everything.
Makes getting ready for the day super easy.
Black tee-Old Navy
Grey workout tank-Victoria's Secret
Skinny jeans-JC Penney
Flats-old Payless
Hippie Headband-Prairieology
Necklace-Soleil Selene
And that's What I Wore on Wednesday. But on a Friday. For a hot date.

Jun 28, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Hi, peeps. I'm linking up with Amy for her Virtual Coffee Tuesdays over at Lucky Number 13.
If you were joining me for coffee in real life, it wouldn't be til 9:00 at night because that's when I get my second wind. And you could have coffee but I would have milk or water. Those are my two favorite drinks.

I'd listen well but being the good friend you are you'd let me speak my piece(s):

~Neither child napped yesterday and I thought I was going to die.
~My friend D sent me a card and it said this in the margins: In friendship, there is healing - in each story we're brave enough to share, in each teardrop we refuse to hide, and in each step that leads us closer to our dreams. I find that to be so true. The last part resounds so strongly within me as I ask myself, what am I doing to help my friends fulfill their dreams, and what are they doing to help me reach mine?
~My friend's adoption story is one of hope, encouragement, and God's glory. I have been honored to prayer partner with L as she prepares to be a mommy again! Here we are praying for her at a shower:
~Wilder climbed a fairly tall ladder at the playground, all by himself. I was so proud of him; he is a bit timid on the playground but is progressing!
~Story is a ham; I suck on her nose.
~We had this book growing up so of course when I saw it at the library today, I had to get it!
~We have original, vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces in our house now! A hutch (will show a picture once it's filled) and 4 chairs (estate sale).
~Fresh hydrangeas (my favorite flower) from Mommy are still in the ice cream bucket because I'm too lazy to vase them.
~I made another wreath for Onion Tree. Materials: wool blend felt, straw wreath, yarn, vintage cotton tablecloth
Thanks for joining me for coffee! Thankfully both children napped today so I could hop online.

Jun 27, 2011

Giveaway Monday!

It's Giveaway Monday (if you can think of a catchier title than Giveaway Monday, email me. You will win a prize) so let's do this!
I found Lisa From Scratch through a giveaway on Danielle Burkleo's blog, TakeHeart (which of course all of you read, right?!?). Lisa was running a special and not one to pass up a good deal, I obliged. Nabbed two cute pouches, one of which I just gifted and the other I'm on the fence about (keep? give?). I am into all things sewn these days and am trying to twist my mom's arm into revisiting a craft she had mastered years ago.

Lisa is super sweet and talented. Let's hear a little about her:

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a 26 year-old hairstylist turned sewing addict. I just wasn't finding any fulfillment doing hair and decided I needed to pursue another avenue. I received my first sewing machine as a wedding gift in May of 2010 and have been teaching myself to sew ever since! I love trying new things and am always open to custom orders. I am so blessed and happy to be able to do what I do!

Lisa is generously offering a medium tote bag to one of you. Aren't they cute?
(winner may choose from a specific supply of fabric which I will email to winner;
fabrics shown above out of stock)

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog through GoogleFriends. Then:

Visit Lisa's Etsy shop then comment here with your fave item.
Follow Lisa's blog through GoogleFriends
Follow Lisa on Twitter

Extra entries:

Follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, follow me through Networked Blogs, Tweet/Facebook update about it, grab my blog button (separate comments for each).

Giveaway ends Friday, July 1st. Thanks for participating!

Jun 25, 2011

A little on friendship

My lifetime childhood friend A and I were parted by college and have struggled to keep in touch since. We have morphed into different people over the last decade, but the Lord has graced us with an untouchable bond. She lives in Brooklyn, commutes to NYC for a high end job, wed an artist. It had been 2 years (and 1 baby for me) since I'd seen her.

Here we are at her wedding in 2007. I am on her right since people have a hard time recognizing the younger Mindy--look I have a waist!
Having parents that still live in our hometown meant we could finally work out a quick rendezvous. A said it best: loved spending today with you; it made my heart sing.
blurry pic of us (I had shed my cute outfit hours prior; if not comfy, I strip)
at the local drugstore getting the world's best chocolate malt

She gave me Water for Elephants to read. The first page, there in the crease, I spotted a cookie crumb. I'm not one to miss that.

And I realized, that grace goes a long way.

Much like one can stare at the moon and wonder about loved ones afar gazing upon the same, why, we could eat a cookie (any excuse to do so!) & think of each other, an homage to days in our moms' kitchens concocting confections.

And savor every bite--each morsel a blue ribbon for memories not lost. Our walls will be full of such ribbons...the blue dye and gold letters will faint a little, the ribbons will stir a bit under the ceiling fan.

But will be so proud and humbled that all is not lost.
How have your friendships changed over the years? What are you doing to help your friends realize their dreams? To grown in their love of the Lord? What does friendship mean to you? Friends are a HUGE part of my life.

Love ya girls.

Jun 23, 2011

the Onion Tree

Scampered about town today.

Have I mentioned Shawn's cousin is back from college so I have her "on call" to babysit? It has been really nice to get some things done outside the home without having to subject the kids to countless errands and time in the hot car.

Today's main stop?

The Onion Tree, where I dropped off some headbands, hoop art, yarn wreaths, yoyo flower brooches, cards, bobby pins, and bottle cap magnets to sell. Bridgit and I had a low key Panera lunch and talked "bidness." I'm excited about this venture; planning to sell overflow on Esty, too.
If you're local, you hafto, must, are commanded, to check out the Onion Tree. It's the BEST place to find handmade gifts; all the artists are local save one from Oklahoma, if I'm not mistaken. It's like Etsy in a shop!
Thanks for having me share my wares, Bridgit!

Jun 22, 2011

Do you like sausage?

I know that sausage is super unhealthy. And if I think long enough about mushed up meat going through a processor thingy then coming out in a long snake I gag.


But I have been desperate for some easy (it's always gotta be easy) dinner recipes. So I took a chance on this "Baked Potatoes with Polish Sausage Stir Fry" meal that is in my hometown church's collection of favorite recipes book. It is by my dear jr/sr high teacher, Mrs. V., who helped me through dissecting a pig and made me not that afraid of accounting. And once a year we'd go to her house for whole wheat pancakes and it was such a cool thing.


Baked potatoes for your family
1 Tbsp oil
1/2 lb fat free polish sausage, sliced
1 small chopped onion
1 tart apple, chopped
1 small green pepper, chopped
2 cups fresh or frozen broccoli, chopped

Bake potatoes in oven. In a skillet on medium high burner stir fry ingredients for 8-10 minutes. Serve over hot baked potatoes. Serves 2-4.
My changes: couldn't find polish sausage so I did summer. I used the whole pound. Sliced the apples rather than chopped. Microwaved taters instead of in oven. Served with fresh salad. And brownies afterward because I have a problem.
I liked the medley of flavors and the apples would've turned out better and had less of a tart overhang had I chopped them smaller.

Got any easy recipes for this novice?


I didn't start using olive oil until a couple years ago.
I actually painted my nails!
Story has a farmer's tan!
Go here for an awesome giveaway by my friend Katy, benefiting the Joyful Life Library (there's a $20 credit to my shop up for grabs amidst a gaggle of other treats!)That's it for now, folks.

Jun 21, 2011

date night

We got to have date night this weekend! I married a mighty fine feller, yes I did.
After all, he gave me these two:
That's some good stuff there.
Being a mom makes you do things you never thought you would like put dorky daisy clip art on your kids' pics. Oh yeah, do you see that Story already has a leg up on life? She's been doing that for evah. She's got a good toe point and is quite flexible, as you can see.

Future ballerina? And Wilder will be a chef/model/writer.

Jun 20, 2011

Prairieology Giveaway

Hey, remember that super cute headband I wore for WIWW, by Prairieology?
Well, my new friend Summer, the talented, creative mind (and hands!) behind Prairieology, is sharing some jewelry/headband love with you today!

Not only are Summer's creations colorful, beautiful, and unique, but they are very professionally handcrafted...the quality is top-notch. She's just so good at what she does.
Prairieology is about remembering your roots, even as you spread your wings and soar. It's about having the strength to know you can achieve your dreams, and persevering until you reach them. It's about feeling special every day. Prairieology. Here for the journey.

I also want to mention that she blessed me by her generosity in that she gave me my very own new necklace and headband as a thank you! Isn't that sweet? I will wear them to.death. They make me feel pretty. And hippie:
Let's see what one of you will win!

A Beaded Prairie Rose Necklace, $24 value:
A Flower Headband in Yellow, $10 value
To enter, you must be a follower of marigoldroad through GoogleFriends.


1) Like Prairieology on Facebook
2) Visit Summer's Etsy shop then comment here stating your favorite item

Extra entries:

Follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, follow me through Networked Blogs, Tweet/Facebook update about it, grab my blog button (separate comments for each).

Giveaway ends this Friday June 24th, evening.

If you are local, please check out a selection of Summer's gorgeous items at Alter Ego Fashions!

Jun 19, 2011

Father's Day wishes

It's just the girls today so we made the boys a video:

Untitled from Mindy Harris on Vimeo.

Happy Father's Day, Shawn/Daddy, Daddy/Gpa Mu'Tache, Papa, Gpa Chet, and the late Gpa Merl and Gpa Ray who are in heaven listening.

Jun 17, 2011

Polka dots

Happy Friday! Can I get a woop woop?

I'm excited for Wilder that he gets special time with grandparents this weekend. That means Story gets special time with us. She sported her pokie dot suit today:
Calla chose a figure-flattering black keyhole suit:
I stayed up late crafting this (click here or here for inspiration):
and these:And, we mustn't leave out that per random.org, Miranda (entrant #19) won the AlexandraRose checkbook cover giveaway. Cool! Email me for details, Miranda.

Have fun this weekend. Shop and eat cookies!

Jun 16, 2011

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop/Linky Party

Today I am linking up, for the first time, to the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop/Linky Party:

On Friday's I (Gussy) will supply an inspiration prompt via email to those who sign-up for the workshop {it's free!}, along with some links & ideas as to where to find inspiration. The idea is to blog about a photo {one you took or a photo you found online; be sure to give proper photo credit}. Then all you have to do is run a post with the photo {and text, if you choose} on your blog the following Thursday. Make sure you come back and join the linky party on my blog. While you are there, be sure to check out other bloggers entries.
A mentor said one way to grow my blog is to participate in link-ups. I think link-ups are a great way to network and be inspired. But I never want them to replace the originality of my posts. There's something about creating that is so deeply satisfying. I like to write and make things because they are extensions of the unique person God made me. And I always want to remain true to that.

This link-up just sounded too fun and I love Gussy's work and this week's her prompt is GREEN. Yes, just green. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of green is how I don't eat enough of it!

Of course I went to Pinterest to find gorgeous pictures:
These were my two faves. The first because I want to sit at this table, eat donuts, and make stuff:
And the 2nd because it's perfect (sagging bookshelves, globes, cozy reading spot, original art, ahhhh...):
Then Pinterest's servers were busy so I started thinking of how I don't have a green thumb, then, about being green with envy.

Jealousy is not something I struggle with. God has given me such a soft, soft heart toward everyone that jealously rarely crosses my mind. That is not to be confused with my being overly confident in myself or any absurd thing like that. I'm not cocky. I just see people as creations of the Lord, meant to be handled with acceptance and love.

But, I'm human. So every once in awhile I'll get a pang when a lithe, younger lady baring pin legs and a golden tan darts into the store I'm frantically rushing toward with my two babies. Even worse if she's got babies. Or the blog world. Oh, the blog world! That can be tough but I really press the Lord to bring about a healthy, eternal perspective there.

How about you? Do you experience jealousy regularly? If so, what's it about? Your husband's gorgeous coworker? Your own child's successes? A sibling's figure? Your friend's money and possessions?

Go ahead, spill the {green} beans.

Jun 15, 2011

Yarn Wreath My Way/WIWW/Antique Mall

This is a three part post. Let's humor our grammar teachers and create an outline.

I. Yarn Wreath My Way
a. heart shaped
b. multi-colored
c. for sale
II. What I Wore Wednesday
etc etc
III. Antique Store I Love
ok I give up!

My newest yarn wreath. I love it and want to keep it.
What I Wore Today/Wednesday:

Total dork, huh? This is me. This is real life. I don't always get "done-up."
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure T-Shirt
Old Navy Jeans
Flip Flops
Prairieology headband on greasy hair

What I wish I'd worn if I had the body/budget (the blue flowy shirt and some longer age appropriate shorts):
Bullet point III: some cell phone pics of my most favorite booth at the antique mall:

Cheers til next time!