Jul 30, 2011

Keepin' it Real

I sport a serious scroungy look basically every day. Granted, I'll try to look cute if we are out and about with friends, but if it's just groceries and errands, I throw on whatever.

Then as soon as I walk back in the door, even before I take Story out of her carseat, I make a quick 30-second wardrobe change into...
One of Shawn's tees and some JCPenny pj shorts! And hair plopped up high. (do you like our green floor?)

I was not very happy when Shawn snagged this photo. But then I decided to show it to you so you can see that I am a real person with scroungy days. One of my dearest friends dresses up for church, then wears the outfit all day long. Even back at home...I could never do that. When I am home, I am in pjs. Always.

Tonight I wore a fun sundress to girl's night. We had a progressive dinner...you know, appetizers at one house, entrees the next host's house, dessert at the last home. Fun and filling!
I wore my new LittleMissMomma baubles. I love her and her blog...she is encouraging and too cute to boot.Isn't the band-aid & faded mani a nice touch?

Good night, friends.

Jul 29, 2011

Lingering a little longer

Kansas has had some unbearably hot days. Today, I heard a rumbling sound in the distance. That sound we tell our kids is "God moving furniture around in heaven." Thunder. Oh, sweet thunder. It was so good to sense the refreshment it would bring. To hear branches be whisked away along wind's waltz. The shower was short, but I swear our parched, straw-like grass now boasts a smattering of green life.

I "gave" Shawn a break from helping with bedtime (it's always such a production in our house...like an hour to get both kids from bath to slumber). I really tried to enjoy doing the process solo. If Shawn has to work late, I get really bummed when I "hafto" do bedtime routines solo. Tonight was different and good and I felt strong and capable.

Sometimes Wilder asks me to lie with him a bit before he goes down for good. Most of the time I say "yes" even though my mind is whirring with countless chores to complete. Or countless episodes of Big Brother to watch. Or whether or not his little toddler bed will succumb under my weight...

Tonight's particular cuddle was pure sweet, raw soul sugar. It seemed that the 10 minutes were minutes I could see suspended over us, swirling like a constellation, untouchable--then becoming encapsulated into my memory. I was very in tune and aware of the transfer of affection--that's the thing, when I'm in a better place emotionally/spiritually and all around holistically, I can more fully savor such blessings. I am happy I stayed with him for awhile. But I am also sad because one day, he'll no longer ask for me.

He touched my eyebrow..Mommy, is that your eyebrow? It's silly. Yes, Wilder it is. And it looks kind of like a caterpillar. So do yours. They help protect our eyes from dirt.

And we sang our favorite song: Where you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay, when you move I'll move, I will follow you, yeah, I will follow you. Ohhh oh oh, ohhh oh oh. And his little boy voice, singing up to the Lord of Light, the voice that will one day be low and hormonalish, cracks and bends my heart. In these moments he has me in the palm of his hand.

I kiss his smile. He cracks up. He can't stop. You. Kiss. Need. Kiss. To. Kiss. Go. Kiss. To. Kiss.Sleep.

Mommy, do that again!
Motherhood heals me.

Jul 28, 2011

Feeling behind

Though I'm feeling behind on a bunch of things, I just have to share the 430 amazingly interesting and professionally shot pictures from vacation! First things first...Big Brutus, an 11 million pound electric shovel...don't make fun of the Midwesterner's Great Form of Entertainment.
We ate all local food:And stayed here: Okay not really--it's a cabin at a museum.

It's good to be back. As is usually the case upon return from a week of frolic, there's much to be completed at home...a to-do list that resembles the ones I made during the nesting phases of both pregnancies. But tonight I'm going to a 31Gifts party to relax with pals; ever been to one?

We came home to plants out front that were still alive, thanks to neighbors, and several mail parcels--happy mail days are the best. I got stuff from LittleMissMomma, 31 Bits, SugarMoney, thePlaidCupcake, and my auntie. Most won on giveaways...want pictures later?

New headbands crafted while away. Both fun and relaxing to create:
Off to make some dinner...

Jul 26, 2011

On location at the lake

Blogging on location at Grand Lake, Oklahoma...

I hear crickets from you all; you act unimpressed. It really is pretty here. The midwest has some gorgeous areas, and this is one of them.

We've enjoyed time in a cute (okay it is a little dirty; we bought PineSol) cabin with Shawn's parents and I've swam in the resort pool for almost daily exercies. Makes me sleep like a baby at night. Grand Lake is unfathomably large, with 46,500 surface acres and 1,300 miles of shoreline. If you kinda squint and block out the trees across the lake, it looks like the ocean...we fed the seagulls Nilla wafers off the pontoon boat. I typically think birds are gross but seagulls are kinda cute/smart.

Antique mall pic off g'ma's camera:
See you soon!

Jul 25, 2011

More for You Monday!

Top of the week to ya! It's time for another More for You Monday!
I decided it's high time I share some of my shop love with you, so I'm giving away a $15 store credit, plus 15% off to marigold roadies (use code MARIGOLD15).
My Etsy shop is an extension of my blog. I'm obsessed with mid-century housewares, and have acquired a collection too large for the confines of our home. Hence the hobby turned business venture. ALSO, crafting is my therapeutic outlet! I put my whole heart into the quality and design of my unique headbands, hoop art, & yarn wreaths, many of which are made with vintage materials.

Thank you for your friendship and camaraderie the past 4 years (yes my growth has been slow but I won't lose heart) as I find my voice in the blogging community. I am grateful, excited, and hooked!

Here's the footwork (doesn't it get annoying? I know it works though...I won 2 giveaways last week!).

must be a GoogleFriends follower of marigoldroad--let me know you do/just did


visit my shop then comment back with your fave item

"like" marigoldroad on Facebook

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bonus entry: ask me anything

Giveaway is open internationally. Ends Monday, August 1, 2011.

Jul 22, 2011

Heart to Heart...with myself?

First up, the winner of the Linkel Designs giveaway, per random.org is Sarah: Congratulations! Contact Kelly for deets.

Remember the launch of my Heart to Heart series, when we heard from the gorgeous Casey?
I don't have another guest post prepared this week, and I like keeping myself not "tied down" to posts, so that's fine with me...

So I'm interviewing myself. Ha. I've done it before. Maybe you don't know these things about me anyway?

Me to me (this is humbling):

What quality do you admire most in another individual?
transparency, encouraging spirit, sincerity, spirituality, mercy

Describe where you are in your heart/life in three words.
unstoppable, romanced, content

How do you relieve stress?
The right answer would be that I take a brisk walk or drink lemon water or read a novel. But usually I surf the net, eat a brownie, or watch something (Big Brother, Love in the Wild).

What do you think people remember most about you?
I hope they will remember my warmth, genuineness, encouragement, intense care for them, and joy I've found only from being a free, new princess in Christ. I've been told many times I wear my heart on my sleeve, which leads to the next question.

What is the best advice anyone has given you?
It's not up to you to save the world (this is applicable to me because I feel like I have to be everything to everyone). Jesus died for the whole world, let him do the saving. It's okay to not over share. Don't share because you need affirmation or validation. It is appropriate to keep some space and assess the emotional preciousness of something before you release it.

And the other:
You are important. You matter.

What in nature do you find most beautiful?
Mountains, mountains, mountains.

What do you find most challenging about parenting? Marriage?
The most challenging thing about parenting is remembering to constantly keep my kids before the throne of God. They are ultimately in the Father's care and I worry so much about how they're doing, about how I'm failing/doing, that I don't pray/submit/petition to the extent I know I can. Consistency in discipline is also hard. And patience. :-)
The most challenging thing about marriage is carving out time for Shawnie. And when we can carve out time, money plays a role in the sitter/dinner thing, so we can't always do it.

What passage of scripture do you regularly rely on for encouragement?
You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord will name. You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate...for the Lord delights in you. Isaiah 62:2-4

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
chocolate, specifically:
Panera chocolate chip cookie
DQ Oreo brownie sundae
Old Chicago big cookie
Coldstone Creamery Oreo Overload, no chocolate chips, add a brownie

What one outstanding piece of advice (related to business/blog growth) would you give hopefuls?
Believe in what you sell (that includes blog content). Impress yourself so you can then impress others. Don't lose heart if you don't make the kinds of sales you want right away. Don't be afraid to ask questions of successful business owners; rarely will you find one not eager to share their knowledge. Lastly, keep your photos clean, professional, and eye-catching. Okay, one more~network. All this while not losing sight of the things that hold eternal value:
Thanks for listening in!

Jul 20, 2011

Random thoughts today

Sometimes I sit on our computer chair in my undies and a t-shirt then when I get out of the chair my butt sticks to the lining. Rrrriiipppp. And it kinda hurts. So if that is you, go put on something comfy and more protective, then come back to read me ramble.

Oh, you're back!

Story is done nursing. Henceforth I am lopsided. Was in a lot of pain during my and Shawn's getaway (other than that we had a perfect time). And I am sad. It means she's not a newborn anymore. Wait, what? She hasn't been a newborn for like, a year. But still. It is just sad that she is now independent of me in that feeding facet. I will miss being close to her like that.
I was really ready to be done nursing Wilder--he was 8 months old when he weaned; we struggled the whole nursing process. Story lasted 13 months! Hooray! Perhaps I enjoyed it more with her because that was the "only" time we had to bond together--most of my other moments were spent wrangling/chasing/playing with WildMan. Plus she was a good eater.

Life goes on, huh?

I sold 6 headbands yesterday. Praise the Lord! I was beginning to feel defeated, swallowed up in a sea of shop owners and bloggers who work their tails off & have better ideas & more followers etc. These few sales tell me to keep going! Click here or here for current giveaways featuring my headbands.
Wilder tried one on.
Brooches too!I have never made pie. Today I bought ingredients for apple pie based off this book. Wish me luck!

More weekend pics for you.

I chose a vintage-inspired dress to wear to the wedding:
Dress: StopStaring! (vintage inspired dresses/prints and rockabilly clothing)
Shoes: Payless
Pearl necklace: made by a friend
Hairpiece: made by me
Ring: Michael's

Cousins (curly haired girl is Sissy):
Dream house:Dream food. All organic. Oh my gosh.The only Hammerpress store ever (letterpress paper goods to die for; products found in cute stores everywhere; we bought 3 prints for our bedroom!!):

Jul 19, 2011

The hubs--anniversary number EIGHT. a trip.

We were 21 and 22 when we got married. So basically we knew nothing. I just knew that I really wanted to be married...I was tired of being parted by night and wanted all of my moments to be our moments.

I was obsessed with Shawn (ask college friends about my "Shawn shrine") and with the notion of marriage. And while we were pretty prayed up about the wedding, about the seriousness of exchanging vows, we still had our fair share of struggles the first couple of years...with the typical differences of opinion still causing a tiff every now and then. Having met in junior high, we grew up together. It's hard to remember a time in my life when Shawn wasn't there. There is comfort and stability and strength and power and unfaltering in that tight of a bond.

I still get jealous. He works with beautiful women so I have to make an appearance sometimes. Ha. Even though I'm not very confident and am a little overweight I still gotta mark my territory!

What most drew me to Shawn, way back in middle school, was his likeability and creativity, both qualities that he still possesses. He has a warmth about him and I can trust him with the most absurd thoughts, silliest dreams...I know that he delights in me and genuinely wants to be with me.

We attended a wedding out of town this weekend; we chose not to take the kids (thank you in-laws for going above and beyond!) so it could be about us and our anniversary, too.

We had a ball shopping, eating at fun places, doing photo booth at the wedding, watching HGTV and the History Channel, sleeping in a bed we didn't make, not rolling out of it til 10:30a.m.

I tried some vintage hair out for him:

He liked it!

We dig Urban Outfitters...

Fab bedding...I coveted it a little.
I wanted the bunting, too. Too expensive. Gotta learn how to sew.
Baubles and do-dads.
Dresses that only skinny girls can wear. Liz, I thought of you.
Though the nights were muggy, the view was beautiful.
Shawn, I love everything about you. You are the pepto to my bismol.
Thank you for letting me stare at you during church. Sometimes I don't listen to the sermon. You are too big of a distraction. I love being close to you like that, all snuggled in. Happy Anniversary forever. ~your wifey

Jul 18, 2011

More for You Monday!

I came off of a wonderful, romantic getaway weekend with Shawn {details to come} and have just a few minutes to say both hi and goodnight to you (it's late)!

And to get you started on your week by offering a giveaway with Kelly at Linkel Designs!
Kelly does beadwork with her mum, Linda, hence the converged name, "Linkel." I drool over the goodies in her shop:
A little about Kelly, who is not only a jewelry designer but a professional violinist:
Selling on Etsy has been a great opportunity for me to work from home. After my son was born I realized that I didn't want to be away from him! I still freelance (professional violinist), but designing jewelry has allowed me to stay home and be the kind of hands on mom that I want to be. As a bonus, I get to be creative every day! It's so fun to think of our designs being worn and enjoyed by people around the world!

Up for grabs is this Free As A Bird necklace, valued at $23.50. I chose this as something for one of you to win because it is an image that speaks very strongly to me about the freedom I've found in the Lord. If I ever get a teensy tattoo, it would be of a vintage birdcage with the bird flying free.

Just love this piece to pieces!
Here's how to enter the giveaway:

Follow marigoldroad via GoogleFriends.
If you already do, just comment saying so.

Visit Kelly's shop then comment with your favorite item

Follow Kelly's blog

Like linkeldesigns jewelry on Facebook

Extra entries (comment for each action):

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Ends Friday, July 22, 2011. Thanks, Lovies!
(check Lisa's blog for a giveaway by yours truly, and be sure to notice the Christmas in July 10% off sale in her shop)

Jul 15, 2011

Heart to Heart GUEST POST with Casey Wiegand

Happy Friday! Before I forget, the gorgeous Josie at Josie's Lab, won the Soleil Selene giveaway! Email Leilani for deets.

I'm starting a new series, which will pop up randomly, titled Heart to Heart.
I choose a bundle of questions to ask bloggers who have mentored and/or inspired me, then share their answers with you. Channeling my Oprah skills, if you will.

Unless you've been in hibernation the last year, you all know Casey Wiegand. Her blog is beautiful. Her family gorgeous. Her fashion needs to be copied by me. Ha. I don't have her figure, though. Casey has blessed me in myriad ways the past several months and I am delighted to have her guest posting today. I am even more delighted that I get to meet her next month in Dallas. Road trip!

My name is Casey Wiegand, I am a freelance artist, wife and mama.

I love painting and sharing our life through my blog, where you can expect pieces of my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things I love along the way. I have two little ones in the hopes of lots more and am married to the love of my life!

What quality do you admire most in another individual?

I admire love, kindness, gentle/ giving spirits... I am drawn to people that are uplifting and filled with joy.

Describe where you are in your heart/life in three words.

thankful, loved, blessed.


How do you relieve stress?

I go outside, take a walk with my family, or eat something super delicious :).

What do you think people remember most about you?

I have no idea. I HOPE that people would say I was loving, gentle, kind and peaceful.

What is the best advice anyone has given you?

Hm, I'd say my husband.... he always says to follow your dreams. Or maybe the advice "love well"... either one!


What in nature do you find most beautiful?

I love everything about nature. As an artist I am always noticing the details in nature.

What do you find most challenging about parenting? Marriage?

My greatest challenge right now in parenting is balancing them both. I have so much love to give...I want to make sure they are both feeling it equally all the time! And with marriage, I would say just the daily "dying" to our own sinful selfishness. Honestly, my hubby is amazing....he makes loving him daily easy.

What passage of scripture do you regularly rely on for encouragement?

There is no way I could pick just one! AH! All of them!!! And my number one book recommendation, changed my life..."a beautiful offering" by Angela Thomas.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Hershey bars.

Your blog has grown leaps and bounds over the past few months (congratulations!). What one outstanding piece of advice (related to business/blog growth) would you give hopefuls like me?

Be yourself, be vulnerable...share your struggles and your weaknesses...people can connect with that!