Aug 30, 2011

Bitty Gussy

About a month ago I won a $150 GussySews giveaway on TipJunkie. Imagine my anticipation as I waited for the goodies to be sewn with the outstanding quality and flair only Gussy and her team bring.

Yesterday, "the box" finally arrived.

In it, goodies for me and a bitty Gussy for Story!photo credit
Story's crown was purchased from BabyBeBlessed.

I ordered a nesting set to be included in the adoption raffle I will host here mid-September. No adoption fundraiser is right without some Gussy.photo credit

Also, Story had her 15-month check up today...the doctor checked her teeth mid-pretzel noshing. Sissy is in the 5th % for height, 25th% for head circumference, and 10th% for weight (finally made it to 20 lbs).
Shucks she's great.

Aug 29, 2011

More for You Monday! Crocheted Scarf Giveaway

For now, my "payment" (with the exception of large ads and I've just sold one :-)) for featuring shops in More for You Monday, is getting to "meet" some crazy-talented women, who, well rock their handmade businesses. They are my mentors, inspirators. Today's featured shop owner, Tiffany, of ThatGirl Crochet is no exception. I dig her scarves, headbands, body art (owl on her left arm!), piercings...she's a cute gal and her shop is chock full of gorgeous crocheted pieces, from scarves to headbands to hats.This winter I just know I'm going to need one of her scarves...this turquoise crocheted tunnel scarf has me weak in the knees.
You better believe Tiffany thinks ya'all are so great that she's giving away such a beauty.
If you'd like to win this turquoise tunnel scarf, just do us a couple of favors; I know all the leg work can get really annoying, but, hey, you could win...

Separate comments for each:

visit ThatGirl Crochet's shop then comment back with your favorite item
Favorite ThatGirl Crochet
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Like ThatGirl Crochet
on Facebook
Follow Tiffany
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Tiffany's blog

Extra entries:

follow my blog through GFC
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Giveaway ends next Monday, September 5th, 2011, whereby winner will be randomly chosen. Open to international entries.

Last week's More for You Monday PaperGlitter party kit winners are, per random.org:

Tami S., Michelle G., Alisha M.
image property of PaperGlitter

Congratulations! Contact PaperGlitter to redeem your prizes.

Aug 28, 2011

A morning with the Mennonites/some cupcakes/Mexi night

The days have been so busy I've barely a moment to sit. Good news is that I've (with the help of awesome friends) finished 116 out of the 200 BlogSugar swag bag items that are due 9/1.

I'll catch you up on other stuff:

Thursday--cupcake party night at my friend A's
Friday--Mexi night out with the family
Saturday--a morning/festival at a nearby Mennonite community. We heard there would be horses and tractors (we knew WildMan would love it), and we had nothing going on yesterday, so made the little trip.
Lastly, my sister, who has her own vintage shop, JustVintage, was in her local news. You simply must watch the video. She looks gorgeous and is just so cute and professional. I am so proud of her.

Aug 24, 2011

"Business" meeting

Welcome to the middle of the week! Here's our current business:

Story is walking more. It is so special to see her turn into a vertical participant in the ongoings of the home.When Wilder turned three and got the faux hawk, out came an ornery streak. I am praying the Lord gives me wisdom to continue in consistency of discipline. I cracked open Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp and it's given practical insight.

Thank you for your participation in More for you Mondays. Haven't they been fun? It is something I feel blessed to provide in a sea of expensive ad space. If you'd like to be featured, send me an email.

My heart friend, Julie, is adopting from China! Read their story here. It seems everyone is adopting. It is wonderful. If you are having a hard time choosing who to donate to with your hard-earned money, I recommend praying for giving toward the Johnson's adoption. Their heart is for a disabled child. What a mighty calling they are obeying.
I will be hosting a HUGE raffle giveaway mid-September to raise funds for the Johnsons. If you are interested in donating an item (anything! even an Applebee's giftcard), email me. Other ways you can support them is by checking their blog periodically for information on purchasing home-spun scented play-dough, girl's hair clips, or a decorated cake (especially great for locals), for which 100% of proceeds go toward adoption expenses.

BlogSugar is weeks away and I have not finished the swag bag goodies yet. I stayed up til 1am working on them...friends have come over to help. It is indeed a community effort and I am so grateful for all the help I received. I will be able to "breathe" and get back to making headbands once the goodies are complete.

Headbands--would you like to see some go on sale? I need to make more sales for BlogSugar trip.
What I wore today (we were home all day; playdate here):
horribly blurry photo with dirty mirror. this is real life, folks.

Headband: made by me
Earrings: vintage
Salmonish tee: Old Navy
Leopard print shirt: Charlotte Russe (ancient)
Skirt: Goodwill

Best for last: Wilder's party was a smashing success. I lost count of moms/children in attendance but it was a wild time on the patio. Mr. Foote from Borders storytime brought his guitar. And of course there was bunting. :-)
Cake by my friend, Julie.

Aug 22, 2011

More for You Monday! PaperGlitter Party Kits

Thanks for stopping by for this week's More for You Monday Giveaway.
Do you remember Story's adorable Donuts and Doilies party?
I got the idea from PaperGlitter, an Etsy shop I knew I had to do business with. The kits come with scads of things to print off and you can choose to use as much or little as you'd like.
Linette, who runs the shop, is graciously giving a way a basic ($13.95 value) printable party kit (of your choice) to THREE WINNERS!

Cute party ideas, huh?Photo property of PaperGlitter.Photo property of PaperGlitter.
Photo property of PaperGlitter.

Here's how to enter: Simply leave a comment

Additional entries:

Follow my blog through GFC
Like my Facebook page

Follow me on Twitter

Favorite my Etsy shop

Giveaway ends Sunday, August 28th, 2011.

Be sure to check out PaperGlitter's blog for FREE printables.

Lastly, winner of the PlaidCupcake Designs giveaway is Jessica Ross. Congratulations--send me an email for deets.

Aug 20, 2011

Big and beautiful

It's been a big and beautiful week here in the Harris household.

Our gorgeous son had his third birthday (more on how I processed that, later):
I can't find my camera charger...my blessed mother in law is letting me borrow her point/shoot.

And I am being taught things by the Lord that are big and beautiful and I am eternally grateful for a God who hangs in there for me.

Attended a very moving women's conference today and am letting the seeds sink in. Can't wait to share more. Experienced a day of inspiration with these girls:I heard this song for the first time today, on the way home from the women's conference...It's What Do I Know of Holy by Addison Road.

Just life altering, huh?

Aug 18, 2011

It's okay to hire a sitter

My sitter comes once a week so I can lunch with a friend, go to an appointment, get some shopping done, run errands, etc. I am so grateful for the time to myself and thank God for loving me through "adult/big girl" time.

It isn't really in our budget to have a sitter (any other single income fams out there?), but we are looking to find other areas to cut corners so I can have a bit of reprieve during the week. Mommy guilt makes me feel bad about craving this time, about leaving; I mean, didn't I quit my career to stay home full time? I think most mums would probably say they need a break. I happen to be very fortunate to have someone in town that I trust to keep the babies on a regular basis.
For this break I popped into Onion Tree to drop off some headbands. If you're local, please stop in and say, "hi", maybe even pick up a locally made treat for a friend, or you. It has been a slow summer for Bridgit which also means a slow summer for us, her artists.

See something you like? I'll pop it on my Etsy if you're interested.
Here's what I wore today, since I haven't done WIWW in a while. Thursday will have to do!
Very blurry picture...not enough natural lighting. Go ahead and cringe, my professional photographer friends! I know it's lousy!

Headband-made by me
Shirt-Old Navy
Jeans-Levi's $11 at 1/2 of a 1/2 Store
Necklace and White Ring-Little Miss Momma

Aug 17, 2011

Personality profile

Have you ever come across a personality profile thing and found one that suits you to a T?

I did!

Here it is (from the DISC personality profile)

I Type: Outgoing, people oriented--stands for inspirational, influencing, inducing, impressive, interactive, interesting, interested in people. Typified by their make it fun attitude and a personality that tends to perform and become the center of everyone's attention. Usually ask, "who?", as in, "who will be going?"

Which one are you? First new GFC follower of my blog who comments with her DISC type gets a free headband! Here are the others:

D Type: Outgoing and task oriented--stands for dominant, driving, demanding, determined, decisive doer. Typified by their "make it happen now" attitude. Usually ask "what?", as in, "what's the bottom line?"

S Type: reserved and people oriented--stands for supportive, submissive, stable, steady, sentimental, shy, status-quo, specialist. Typified by their ability to respond with either more or less, depending upon their surrounding influences. Very flexible and can go either way. Usually ask "how?", as in, "how do you want this done?"

C Type: Reserved and task-oriented--stands for cautious, competent, calculating, concerned, careful, and contemplative. Typified by their "does this make sense" attitude and need for resolution. Usually ask "why?", as in, "why are we doing this?"

To be straight up with ya, I'm having a rough week getting back into the swing of things "at work," after having been gone on some fun trips. Have had some naughties in the house and I feel powerless in the area of discipline...anyone else ever feel that way?

I am asking God for stamina and grace as I tend to the precious, curious children that make me momma. Today I needed Shawn's encouragement that it is the most important job I'll ever do, and every minute I spend doing something intentional with the kids amounts to, over time, their feeling loved, nurtured, trained, believed in, treasured...

And ready.

Aug 16, 2011

My boy's faux hawk

I do pretty well with change, and the same can be said with hair-dos..I love to change it up. Wilder had long hair for three years; it was his signature trait!

Then knots and tangles were just too much for us to manage. So in honor of his turning three this Friday, we went into SuperCuts for a faux hawk!

I think his dimples and mega-watt smile will be his "new" signature traits.
He is the most gorgeous sweet boy I have ever seen. I love him.
But I really wish he'd stay little. I am running out of time to get my act together.

Aug 15, 2011

More for You Monday! the Plaid Cupcake Designs

More for You Monday is back, and I'm excited!
I'm featuring a practical, adorable product by my new friend, Patty, owner of the Plaid Cupcake Designs (cozies, kindle carriers, luggage tags, etc).
Personalized reusable snack bags for your kiddos..or you!
Unlike many other reusable snack bags, Plaid Cupcake bags are not lined with PUL, nylon or vinyl. Your food is stored against a non-coated cotton, and the outside of all bags is BPA free. Your baggie can be cleaned by using a damp/wet cloth to wipe any crumbs out.

She sent some just for Story & WildMan.

Patty is giving away two personalized bags to one lucky winner!

Just enter by:

follow marigoldroad through GFC

visit the Plaid Cupcake on Etsy and comment back with your favorite item

follow the plaid cupcake blog

the plaid cupcake designs on facebook

marigoldroad on facebook

me on twitter

Giveaway ends Friday, August 19, 2011.