Oct 31, 2011

More for You Monday! SewBeastly Giveaway

Happy Monday/Happy Halloweenie! How was your weekend?

I did this a little:
Also the Holiday Tables fundraiser is this week and I'm freaking out about all I have left to do. Faux light fixture? Uh, I'll try. I so don't plan ahead. You'd think I would know by now that I can't always fly by the seat of my too-tight pants!!!

Today's More for You Monday Giveaway is sponsored by SewBeastly.
I'm so excited to spotlight Citlalli's talent. Check out her bag I modeled (and carry) for a WIWW post:Let's hear from the talented lady herself:

Hello lovely MarigoldRoad readers!! It is a pleasure being over here at Mindy's sweet blog meeting you all. My name is Citlalli, and I am the heart and hands behind Sew Beastly. Sew Beastly is my creative business where I love to rock out as I sew the day {and night} away! My shop is where you will find a fun mix of my handmade accessories, I love working with ruffles, so be prepared for a shoppe full of them!

I also blog over here. My blog is where I share my everyday life as an entrepreneur, what inspires me, and the handmade goodness that surrounds me. Stop by, stay a while, and let's connect!

So what's up for grabs?

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on my blog.

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Worldwide entries allowed; giveaway ends Monday, November 7, 2011.

Oct 28, 2011

Rouge&Whimsy Giveaway Winner!

How'd a whole week go by without my announcing that last More for You Monday giveaway winner?
The lucky winner of goodies from Rouge&Whimsy is Sarah with Yes, Teacher! Congratulations, Sarah! Email me for details.

This weekend I'll be:
Spending time with my beautiful family/working my biz/maybe girl hangout time/enjoying the fall weather/baking/reading the Help/fitness/etc

Oct 26, 2011

WIWW Exhausted Style

We're in the middle of the week and I'm finding myself a tad exhausted already. I still got ready today, though...met my friend A for lunch at a tea place. She shot some WIWW pics for me!
White tee-Kohls
Purple tank-Target
Black pants-Limited (handmedown)

Oct 25, 2011

Kitchen Wall Spruce Up

The green accent wall in our kitchen has been bare (save an owl clock) for years.

While the kids were watching Thomas the Tank Engine and noshing on cinnamon carrots/deli meat, I scrounged around for some nails and went to town hanging up some things I'd collected for awhile.Lady and Gentleman saucers-estate sale (in my Etsy now)
Owl clock-antique mall (I don't have it turned on because it ticktocks too loudly)
Cake print-by RootedinPaper
Tribal artwork-estate sale

Cute and full of character! Just the way I like it.
I am happy for pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today!! Yum.My sis in law got me HOOKED on them. I am so stocking up on canned pumpkin so I can make these year round. Recipe here.
Happy Tuesday!

Oct 24, 2011

On Having a Bummer Day

With age I have become more of an optimist, so what I'm about to say totally goes against my optimistic stance on life. You see, I would be dishonest to show up on my blog all perky when I'm not feeling that way.

You have heard this before, yes:

"With every high comes a low."

Do you think that's true? I don't think it's true for every high, but, life would not be life if we didn't experience lows. We wouldn't need grace and Christ's blood if there weren't lows.

I had sensational feeling after completing my public talks. It felt good to share ideas and talk about the Lord in there, too. I loved every minute of it. I had to commit it back to God so as not to become prideful about it; I'm thankful He gave me grace to do that. It was such a wonderful, blessed opportunity I will always remember.
oh, my darlings. how i adore them til it hurts.

Then today I totally crashed.

My life is not perfect. My house is a disaster. I have some crummy things to let God heal. It's in these times I go back to "my verse" and accept/welcome that the Lord has me in His hands:

Regarding Zion, I can't keep my mouth shut, regarding Jerusalem,
I can't hold my tongue, until her righteousness blazes down like the sun
and her salvation flames up like a torch.
Foreign countries will see your righteousness,
and world leaders your glory. You'll get a brand-new name
straight from
the mouth of God. You'll be a stunning crown in the palm of

God's hand, a jeweled gold cup held high in the hand of your God.

No more will anyone call you Rejected, and
your country will no more be called Ruined.
You'll be called Hephzibah (My Delight), and your land Beulah (Married),
because God delights in you and your land will be like a wedding celebration.
For as a young man marries his virgin bride, so your builder marries, you,
and as a bridegroom is happy in his bride,
so your God is happy with you.

Isaiah 62:1-5, the Message

I am not alone.

And neither are you!
May you accept God's grace for yourself this week and always. Here's to being real and raw and vulnerable!
More for You Monday is on a break this week. The winner of last week's Rouge&Whimsy giveaway will be announced tomorrow.

Oct 21, 2011

My First Public Speaking Engagement!

I continue to stand in awe of the Creator of the heavens, who not only gives me grace, mercy, and a clean slate every day, but grants me opportunities to bless others, and to be blessed.

Three of my favorite things are the Lord, women, and crafting. All three came together yesterday and today through two fun crafty talks I got to give at MAPS (Mothers and Preschoolers at a local church).
I was pretty nervous about getting all six crafts (chalkboard painted pumpkins, rolling fabric rosettes, felt ornaments for the kiddos, etc) talked about the first time around, but by the second morning I relaxed and had a blast, cracking jokes and incorporating physical comedy.

Would love to link you to my PowerPoint slideshow and audio presentation once I figure that out...

I am very tired from all the prep involved and can't wait to rest my head in the crook of Shawn's neck at date night. It's been months!
my new piece from Brag About It!

Happy Friday to all ya'all!

Oct 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday-BlogSugar Dress

The days just keep getting busier and busier.

I went to my life coach today (yes, I have one!)...it had been forever.

She told me to slow down. Be still. Be calm. Wait in and upon the Lord.

I am taking her advice. Cancelling 98% of this weekend's plans. I just can't do it all. Being wifey and mommy is enough!! I have these incredible children to nurture and connect with every day. That is most important!

The other things are blessings, but they can't crowd out other things anymore.

A little less Mindy time and a little more FAMILY time!! I can't wait. There will be dancing to flamenco music. I love flamenco.

Story and I begged Daddy to snap some WIWW pics before his busy work day. Sissy still in pjs,and me freezing because I'm in denial that it's still 78, not 50.Mindy
My "blogsugar" dress from Kohls (Candy brand)
Pasty white legs-genetics
Black boots-$2 garage sale
Grey cardi thing-Target, ancient
Headband-made by me
Earrings-Made by Munchie's Mama
Necklace-Soleil Selene

Hairclip-Larkie Lu Bows

My fitness assessment is tonight. Pray for me.
My MAPS craft presentations are Thurs/Fri. Pray for me to be a blessing!
A sweet friend left cute pumpkins/mums on my front porch. Total surprise. Praise with me.
I got rear-ended yesterday but neither the car nor I were really injured (except my neck/back sore). Praise with me!

Oct 18, 2011

How To Make A Single Fabric Rolled Rosette Necklace

Love cute fabric rolled rosette necklaces? I sure do! Want to know how to make a single fabric rolled rosette necklace for yourself or a friend?
Here's the DIY:

if you're not the crafty type, visit AlongForTheRide (available in single rosettes) & Soleil Selene (available in 3-7 rosettes) for the best fabric necklaces

Gather your materials. You will need scissors, hot glue gun and glue, chain necklaces, round bail plates (jewelry aisle at HobLob) fabric, and felt.
Cut a thin-ish strip of fabric, a little less than 1 & 1/3 yards. The longer the strip, the larger the rosette. The wider the strip, the "wider" each twist will look.
Pinch the end in half.Tie in a knot.
Start rolling and twisting fabric around the knot.Glue a little as you go. A little plop of hot glue is enough. You don't want any glue to show up on the fabric. I am still working at getting better at this.Once you are to the size of rosette you like, trim excess fabric and glue end to the base of the flower.It should look something like this:Grab a round bail plate:String chain through the bell plate. Then glue plate to back of the rosette.Cover the back of the rosette/bail plate by gluing over it with a round piece of felt. Guestimate or cut to size.I glued two felt circles on, one large and one small, to make sure I couldn't see the bail plate through the felt & for extra sturdiness.Now you have a cute necklace!
Tiny bit of glue in the middle of this one, but it's still cute:
The white one is made from a vintage sheet. Shabby chic!
Easy peasy.

Oct 17, 2011

More for You Monday! Rouge & Whimsy Giveaway

Monday so snuck up on me. What do you know, I'm feeling like I can't keep up! God, Shawn, babies, friends, fitness, house, blog, Etsy, craft fairs/Onion Tree, MAPS, social life and now praying about volunteering (LadyBugg House and/or TrafficJAM)! Praise Jesus that time management is the worst of my problems and that he will give me peace/direction/say no, etc. My time is His and I can only pray that I am a good steward of it!!
I'm excited to introduce you to today's More for You Monday participant, Erika, of Rouge and Whimsy. I got to meet her cute, fashionable self at BlogSugar. Such an honor to get to put faces to blogs at that conference. (which reminds me of educating yourself on how to grow your blog-- consider taking this e-course from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. I just signed up).

Here's more about sweet Erika:
Told you she's CUTE!

I'm a 20-something lady living in the beautiful city of Seattle with my husband and crazy doggie. I work all-day and come home and craft and write into the wee hours. I love all things creative and my blog and shop are outlets. I call myself a "Jane of all trades" because I love to sewing, fashion, interior design, writing, cooking and nearly anything girly and crafty. :) I am especially inspired by vintage pieces. My hair pieces have vintage and upcycled brooches as centers, and I just started a line of wool-felt pillows with thrifted tweed silhouettes.

Erika is giving away a headband and earrings...woop!
Here's how to enter (separate comment for each):

follow my blog through GFC
follow Erika's blog
follow Erika on Twitter
favorite Erika's Etsy shop
favorite my Etsy shop
like me on Facebook
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blog/tweet/Facebook about it (separate comment for each)

Open internationally. Closes Monday October 24, 2011

Last week's Rumtinn Accessories winner is AimeeLee! Email me for details.

If you'd like your business to be featured in a MFYM (More For You Monday) post, please email me to discuss if you're a fit for this free gig.

Oct 14, 2011

Three things on my Heart

Oh, I have so much on my heart this lovely, beautiful Friday! The weather here is so crisp, fresh..perfect for Sissy to wear little tights and boots...then shed them off around lunchtime.
last fall

I have been to the gym three times this week, and it has been such.a.blessing. I have the honor of going with a friend and the accountability is really keeping us motivated. I teetered back and forth on whether or not to join the Y...I thought I'd never go or that we couldn't handle the expense. But it ended up being $9 cheaper (that's yarn and buttons and a cheeseburger!) than we thought. And it's open til 10:30p.m. Us girls are the only ones there.

After just these three days, the endorphins have made me:

Not need a nap (though they are nice).
More patient with the kids.
Have more energy to work on the house.
This is the romantic phase, where getting back into physical fitness is fun and not overly strenuous as I get my body used to being worked. I pray the Lord gives me the same enthusiasm 2 months down the road... Or even next week after I learn my BMI and how weak I am...

Thing number #2 on my heart:

Sissy and I look alike! Cute...eeee!
baby Mindy on L, baby Story on R

Thing #3: Heard an inspiring speaker (keeping names private) at MAPS today, as is usually the case. In a nutshell, she told how she intentionally pursued the Lord for a period of 5 years, remaining open to how He could use her big one day. She struggled with self-esteem but the Lord kept with his healing ways. Then, just this August, something happened.

A coworker's daughter (19 months old?) was in critical condition at the hospital after a car accident. This woman felt compelled to visit the family/baby, in the hospital, though she didn't know them well. God gave her confidence that He was working in this family. She was compelled to be there for the family their entire hospital stay, and even after as they said goodbye to their daughter, who went home to her princess mansion in Heaven.

The day of Baby Girl's celebration ceremony, this woman led the father to Jesus. Later, she asked why the family wanted her around to help with the ceremony, etc. They said, "it's because of your confidence in God; your confidence that everything was going to be okay."

God had given a young woman, who struggled with self esteem, fountains of confidence that helped a family through a trying time!

Five years prior she made the decision to pursue the Lord intentionally. She said, "it is my personal responsibility to learn and develop myself as a follower of Christ" (the same is true for us). The Lord was working in her life so she could be a willing vessel several years down the road.

Here are a couple of things she said that resonated with me:

When you believe nothing significant can happen through you, you have said more about your belief in God than you have declared about yourself.

He will develop your character to match your assignment.

I want to know the Lord personally more and more each day. And I want to be ready to jump when he says "go." As vessels we must empty ourselves so the Lord can fill us. Then we take what he has given us and pour it out on others. I don't want to be known as solely spilling crafts or cute blog posts onto people. I want to be known as spilling the Lord's anointing, compassion, and confidence onto others.

It's always about/for Him!