Jan 26, 2012

What a Hubbub! When Nothing Goes Momma's Way

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Every once in awhile, k nearly always, I'll I have a day that seems unrecoverable. Lost down the chute of "really, seriously?", and it takes awhile before I can step back and realize all of it is really quite comical and there are worst things in life and Lord thank you for the tornado even though the mess about sends me over the edge.

I had made cookies for a friend to pick up today but little hungry, naughty hands ate and mangled through the entire batches--not out of reach enough, I guess. Mushed chocolate chips in the crib? That sounds like fun to clean up! And I'm irritated because the cookies were a task for me, a real sacrifice to make because they are not within the diet, and it's the cookies' fault that I ate sweets yesterday. And I shouldn't be upset the cookies are obliterated; they weren't for me anyway but then again I was going to keep a few for myself.

And I find myself vacuuming twice a day (this is usually when I can tell I forgot to wear deodorant) which is absurd for me but after awhile stepping on crunchy cereal has lost its luster and is no longer a learning in experience in "name that sound", and the day after I mopped, someone's yogurt spills.
While I'm cleaning the yogurt I glance out the finger-printed patio door, and see both kids, pants down to their ankles, and I ask myself how I'm going to train my daughter not to pee outside.

Then as this day continues I am stunned at the things I say like, "you just need to be self-sufficient" and "find your own shoe" and those comments make me feel like a horrible person.

And someone always gets hurt or falls or pulls the plug out of the electric outlet
or plays in my Clinique powder, mashing it into a clean rug,
and not only am I running in circles physically,
but my mind,
oh, my mommy-mind,
just can't do anymore.

Then God does things like a friend bringing lunch then another a Panera cookie (by this time the diet is on hold because I am stressed and have realized the weight loss shakes are laden with sugar and $11 nuts chocked full of fat). He gives me energy to clean up those last crumbs then plop on the couch for a nap as long as the kids'.

What a crazy path. What a hubbub.

Lord, give me humility and strength. Thank you for making life interesting.

Refine my ugly.pardon the single spelling error above (sliver instead of silver)


katygirl said...

Welcome to my week! Hang in there!!

mama marchand said...

Oh, this sounds so familiar. I will now call this type of day a hubbub. :) Also? You're beautiful!

chris said...

Hang in there, mama. This to shall pass.

AbsoluteMommy said...

Great post. I do the same things. Say the same things and feel guilty. Thanks for showing me that my house isn't the only house with a dirty carpet. And that I'm not the only one who hates the vaccum cleaner.

Events By Ashley said...

LOL, I totally laughed out loud! hilarious!

weza said...

today I YELLED at my girl. it was so loud my neighbours would have heard, this came after repeating myself over and over again and her refusing to do as she was told. It was not my finest moment, at all. then when the girls were at school and boyboy was in bed I ate my bodyweight in bread, which im not aloud, and then felt even worse. Thank goodness for grace and forgiveness. Thank goodness my children forgive my madness and that hubby loves my voluptuous body.
sending you love. xxx

alishamcclure said...

Yep...have those days too...ALOT! This post made me laugh!! I love the idea of stepping back and finding the humor in the craziness of everyday life with kids...because it really IS pretty comical most of the time. I am going to make a conscience effort to do this instead of getting frustrated! Thanks girl!!

Chelsea said...

Haha "how will I teach my daughter not to pee outside?" Oh my goodness, what a day! Glad you have a sweet fried with a treat and a nice nap. Happy weekend girl!

A Modern Hippie said...

Sounds like your sweet girl might have an outside spirit in her....she would be great at camping in the woods with no potty around:)