Feb 18, 2012

About Moving More Slowly

This is a letter from our MAPS director (Erin Self) to us moms, in our weekly newsletter. I asked Erin's permission to post it to the blog because it just spoke to me SO MUCH.
It is right on the money!!

I've been thinking a lot about moving more slowly. How I run through my days, and especially how I've been running through my son's childhood (in 13 short years, he won't be living with me anymore. 13 years...). How Jesus calls us to give Him our burdens and in exchange He will give us rest. I am pretty sure that Jesus never said to us, "Get over here! I have a lot for you to do!" A good Christian woman serves God. That's what we are supposed to do. Sure. But are we supposed to run ourselves into the ground? Do I want my children equating ministry, being a wife and mother, with exhaustion and meetings and tasks that don't always really fit who I am?If I think I'm doing all of this to please God, well, I think I've got another thing coming. Because to be truthful, I don't know the last time really that I handed God my day or my agenda and just asked Him what He wanted me to be doing. I've been doing what I've been doing for some time now and I think it's started to hit me that what I'm doing and who I'm wanting to be just doesn't always fit. I often feel like I have been round-hold/square-pegging it for awhile. Longer that I want to admit. Longer than I may even know.So I'm left with some questions. Should I keep on doing and doing and doing, or can I stop? And if I just stopped for awhile, what would that mean, what would that look like, and dare I ask what's really deep down - what would other people and God think of me? Who stops? Who isn't busy? No one I know. But I'm letting myself realize and re-remember that God called me to an abundant, free, joyful life, not a packed-out, constricting, complain-y, busy one full of activities that just endure and that sometimes make me cringe. And, this is the best part, bottom line, my Heavenly Father's going to love me no matter what. Even if I stop. And even if you do, too.So, moms, think about it. Are you running too hard, too fast through your life? Consider stopping, breathing, resting, and finding the real you underneath it all, asking God what you should be filling your time with.

Even if it's just for a little while.
~Erin SelfMy guest post and store credit giveaway is over at Lil Noodle Bug today!
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Kristin said...

thanks for sharing! i can't tell you how much this speaks to me - especially over the last week. have a lovely weekend.

leanne said...

You have a great blog here :) Popping over from "the fancy life" - thanks for stopping by. Also - you have some really great etsy pieces! Have a wonderful week!

Your Southern Peach said...

Hi Mindy! Visiting from blog hop and just want to say hello! Thank you for this wonderful motivation. It's so easy for me to overcommit and I often have to remind myself to slow down.

I LOVE your vintage finds below as well as your mason jar craft. Have a wonderful week!

Emily B. said...

Excellent words. Thank you for sharing this Mindy! I needed to hear this.