Feb 29, 2012

Customized Easter Yarn Wreath with Leaf-Wrapped Cross

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tomorrow I get a key to my little shop space; I am very excited and a bit overwhelmed at all there is to do (paint the space, paint/assemble display pieces, create inventory, price inventory and vintage stuff, hang light fixture, finish shredded curtain wall...). But I know that stressing absolutely will not help...the whole point is to have fun and use this hobby/business to glorify God and point people to Him.

On another note, I've been knocking out custom orders so I can focus on inventory.

I took a stab at a spring, more pastel-colored wreath design for my friend's special Easter wreath order.My favorite part of the wreath is the cross I designed by painting a wooden cross,
then gluing on pretty leaves in a flowing pattern.
The pink flower on the left of the cross represents the heart of God.Each wreath has a little bit of my heart and imagination in it!
We were blessed with a breezy, pleasant-weathered day, just perfect for a picnic!
And maybe some trampoline/foam pit play at the YMCA!


tricia said...

This wreath is beautiful, mama! I love it. :)

Catherine said...

This is gorgeous! You are so talented.

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Bonnie Inc. said...

It's so bright and springy. Love it! (Oh and I'm so excited to feature you this month!! hehe)

katygirl said...

Looking great, mindy girl!!

chantilly said...

wow, this wreath is so detailed! lovely :)

alishamcclure said...

Beautiful wreath!!!! Love it love you!!

Michelle said...

I am so excited to see your space at the shop when it's all done!! Can't wait!

odetoinspiration said...

Beautiful wreath! So fun and springy!

Blytheponytailparades said...

Mmmm I love yarn wreaths so much! I made one for Christmas that was so fun :) Thanks for sharing!