Feb 27, 2012

Weekend Recap & New Brooches Sneak Peek!

Private shopping party at a local boutique.

I go to them all the time.

Not really.

But it was uber fun to have a shopping assistant tell me what did and didn't work. I like fashion alot alot but I never know what works on my "round" frame.

Budget very tight but I got a cute dress off the sale rack! The champagne was yummy...
The whole family (sans me) is still sick so we had to miss church.

We went to the park for fresh air and good ole vitamin D.
My gorgeous boy.Exploration
I love that we spent much of the weekend together rather than the hubbub of
here/there/everywhere obligations.

Story is growing less and less fond of my kisses. Where'd the baby go?
It's crunch time for MarigoldRoad's debut at the Cottage Collective's grand opening...
So a crafting I will do!


Emily said...

private party, champagne, friends, and clothing?? fantastic!

hope your precious people feel better!!!

Raelle said...

I love the first picture on this post. Your blog is absolutely delightful and almost always makes me laugh, but also think. Love it and been reading now for a while!

Kara said...

What beautiful pictures! And loving the new brooches. :)

kaylee@life chasers said...

oh em gee...i LOVE your outfit! that skirt is perfect!

Just the Two of US said...

looks like a great weekend! yay for shopping and kiddos!

Kristin said...

can't wait to come see the shop!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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odetoinspiration said...

What a sweet family:) So much love:D

Your brooches are beautiful!! Off to check out your shop!