Mar 29, 2012

Estate Sale Finds and other Tidbits

Hi, friends!

Sharing some tidbits today:

I worked my second Thursday at the shop. Already I'm being encouraged by the women who come through our doors...and something else that's encouraging? Stories about my products: like the sweet teen who is going to wear a green/cream felt headband in her senior pictures, or the mama who bought her cancer-laden daughter some headbands as well, since her hair is short and that's about all she can wear. Or the sweet mama that came in with her foster child I could've nearly kidnapped~so cute.

Already feeling so blessed.

Recently Maggie (Shawn and his Dad's doggie) passed away so we had to explain to Wilder all about death.thank you for 12 1/2 years of joy, Mags
(Shawn, Mindy, Mags, circa 1999)

It was gut-wrenching. Oh the things you aren't prepared for going into parenthood. So tonight, when I was telling Shawn (on the phone) that "my thumb hurts so bad I'm going to die"-Wilder just broke out into a fountain of tears. My poor Wildman. He thought I was really going to die. I just adore his sensitive heart. I will be more careful of how I use words...

My thumb really does hurt. Sustained some hot glue gun burns...that's what I get for crafting so late in the day!But look what came out of it:And I couldn't NOT show you these awesome estate sale finds (or things my parents brought; they attend auctions).
Found this HOLY COW AMAZING RADIO at an estate sale; though I paid more for it than I "deep down" wanted to, it was less than Etsy.An owl to be painted deep fuscia, set of 4 yellow kiddos chairs, coral Pyrex
Daddy said "You don't have to take these records if you don't want to."
The artwork on them is outstanding. I think they'd be awesome in a grid on the wall (there are more than just what are pictured).
Vintage aprons plus a serving dish wrap up this fun Thursday!


Julie said...

Sweet Wilder . . . love that boy.

And your thumb looks terrible!!! I'm so sorry!!! OUCH. But everything looks beautiful and I loved reading about the shop. :)

katygirl said...

Omgosh! Your thumb! :( sad.

Miriam said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE that clock radio!! SO jealous. ;) And thanks for the warning. I had NO idea a glue gun could do that much damage! No wonder you hurt so bad! Feel better soon!

The Coolidges said...

I love all that stuff you made!! Hope your thumb is feeling better, that looks rather painful!

AMY PALMER said...

Such cute crafts and vintage finds! You have great talent. Keep it up!