Mar 19, 2012

That Time I Dressed as a Hippie

I have thrown caution to the wind, people.

Here is my arm flab, white, free, and fluttering like a colonial war surrender flag.

I have surrendered to the fact that my pretty, early twenties body is gone.

Surely I can find a use for these flabby arms.

Like dust with them or something? Or put my arms in the freezer and use my arm fat as an ice pak for when the kids get an owie?

And yes I am wearing a creepy/nakey doll. I attended a costume party (we were supposed to dress from our fave decade; mine is the 50s but hippie had to do)..and with just 15 minutes to get ready I basically just dressed like a granola mom. Which I kindof am. And other drivers were weirded out by the fake baby on my chest while driving. I felt like I was on What Would You Do? or some prankster show.

Since you are now probably suffering some sort of trauma from those hippie pics, I'll leave you with some subjects much easier on the eyeball:Wilder's curls are coming back. The humidity helps.Spring is here.
Guest post and giveaway on my friend Tricia's blog today. Check it out!


Eric's Mommy said...

HAHA! Love the hippie pics!

katygirl said...

You are a funny one!!! Love story's shoes.....

Mary said...

oh my word.
this is so hysterical.
my fam probably thinks i'm nuts laughing at the computer! :)
you might be onto something with that dusting bit, but you certainly wouldn't qualify for arm flab, my dear! :)
thanks for the giggle!

tricia said...

It's a good thing you didn't get pulled over while driving with the creepy naked baby in your wrap. ;) You crack me up, lady!

Tina Marie said...

I love this post, made me feel wild & free! Lol...I taught my kids how to "frolic" in the park, it was quite a site. Stopping by from TAG to visit the blog, I love it!

Jan E O said...
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Jan E O said...

I once dressed as a hippie for a costume party but no one thought I was dressed up. Okay, I did get most of the clothes out of my closet but the headband should have given it away. Love the blog.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

omg. How CUTE are you!? And self-deprecating humor, too? YES YES YES! :) This is my first visit to your blog...and I can already tell: you are delightful. I think I'll stick around awhile.

Have a happy week! xx

Leigh-Ellen said...

The hippie pictures made me laugh out loud. Awesome costume.

Angela said...

You crack me up, Mindy! Love it!

Maureen said...

Great pics! You look so carefree :)
Visiting and commenting via TAG!