Mar 5, 2012

Weekend Recap & New Headbands Sneak Peek!

With my need to work in the shop, and requiring a dude's help, Shawn's parents offered to take the kids for an overnight this weekend so we could work.

Shawn and I set aside our missing the kids and powered out a bunch of set up. Really, I just played with displays while he did the hard stuff like mount a lamp, hang shelves, etc. And I also ate Girl Scout cookies. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more boxes but the girls at Dillons were dressed in COOKIE COSTUMES!
I can't believe I now have a little store to fill. There is much crafting to be done for the soft opening NEXT THURSDAY.

I also enjoyed hanging with MAPS pals at a birthday luncheon.
Powered out a ton of headbands. Okay, seven.
And kept peeking out the window for the kids to arrive back home.
They are pretty great.
(but it was a treat to sleep in)


Ginny @ Chasing Sunshine said...

Love the headbands! New Follower :)

L said...

cute headbands =) I found your blog today =) Love it!
Much Love,