Mar 13, 2012

What I've Been Creating: canvas sign, headbands, birds nest necklace

Hi, Friends!

The sun is shining, little bits of green are coming unearthed, and the sky is as blue as my son's beautiful eyes. We have spent 2 mornings at the park so far; my babies have been so dear and patient as I try not to act stressed. :)

I was just thinking of how fun the summer will be. The kids are older; I won't have to take nursing breaks, or carry a large diaper bag around...yay!

Things are progressing very nicely with the shop. A photographer is shooting the space this afternoon, which is why I've hesitated to post pics. A professional gal can do much better than I, so I will see if she will let me use some for here.

The shop is amazing. I want to buy everything. One girl's space is all party/paper supplies like washi tape, baker's twine, gift wrap, polka dot birthday labels, paper straws, birthday bunting. I am in serious trouble!

I finished my wee space 12:30a.m.! It far surpasses my original vision, because I had a couple girls with really great eyes for design giving me a hand. The house has suffered a bit:
I painted and embellished a cute canvas sign for right outside my shop entryway.
It looks really cute surrounded by various hoop arts (each with vintage fabric).
You simply must try out this tutorial for a bird's nest necklace! Made them at my pal's 30th birthday party. Details here.
Sneak peek at more product:Stay tuned for a Lisa Leonard Designs discount tomorrow!


Eric's Mommy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird's nest necklace!

alishamcclure said...

SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! Cannot. wait. to. come. shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly @ Live Laugh Rowe said...

How exciting... looking forward to seeing pics :)

tricia said...

SO STINKIN' EXCITED FOR YOU!!! YAY!!! Will be praying for Thursday, mama. :) Love you!

Darby said...

Mindy everything looks sooooo cute! I can't wait to see pics of the shop!

ringo's girl said...

those are about the cutest products ever!! i love your style. love love love the headbands, of course.

Elegantly Academic said...

Oh, wow! These are so creative! If only I had the time to be more creative ...
PS thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Always appreciated xo

kaylee@life chasers said...

I am so ecstatic for you!!! This is happening!

lady liquor vintage. said...

I love all the hooped material & the headbands, so pretty!

Catherine, XO.