Mar 28, 2012

When They Were Newborns

I have been reminiscing about Wilder and Story's newborn phase(s). Perhaps because I've been around a lot of friends' newborns. I love that I'm not too scared to hold a newborn; that changed fast once I had my own babies.
I really can't express to God how grateful I am that he placed such a precious son and daughter in my life to love, nurture, teach, bless, support, and encourage.
Wilder and Story, you've done gone and made mama a better person.
Thank you for giving me the best job in the world.
Even when you don't nap, talk back, don't share, etc.
Even then I love you.


Krista Hutton said...

Oh man, SO PRECIOUS! Makes me want another one:) Parenting is for sure a very challenging job, but those sweet little faces make every joy and frustration worth it!

Michelle said...

They are adorable!!

tricia said...

My ovaries are yelling "have another baby" thanks to these photos, ;)

SO precious. <3 Love ya, mama!