Apr 23, 2012

Come, May flowers

What a day for a daydream!
Don'tcha think?
It's so pretty outside and my favorite month, May, is around the corner!
It's the month I share birthdays with my mother and daughter.

I know there are alot of 5,660,999+ blogs out there to advertise with.
And you have to make the right decision for your business and budget 
(we are certainly in the same boat there!)

Here are some of my stats:

Page views last month: 12,500
Google Friend Connect: 743
Twitter followers: 890
Facebook followers: 641
Pinterest followers: 384

Come advertise or swap.
Email me marigoldroad.blog@gmail.com for rates.
It'd be a fun party.
I accept giveaway swaps, if the partnership fits.
Something like this:
That's some good stuff, folks.

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