Apr 4, 2012


A couple of my favorite bloggers write a Currently post with entertaining prompts that get a gal thinking. So that's where my writing comes from today.

Obsessing over: these shoes soon to be my own (a friend thrifted them)!
Working on: an order of wholesale headbands for a local client. Found some sherbert colored fabric and fun spring prints for this custom order. I will likely watch the MadMen season premier while rolling away on rosettes. After that I have several giveaway orders to complete, three custom wreath orders, plus inventory for the Cottage.Thinking about: How I simply cannot keep up with the house.

Anticipating: Most importantly, celebrating Easter and what Jesus did for me!
And, a complete blog overhaul this summer.
I may or may not have hired an incredibly talented and renowned design team.
In the words of GussySews--Yeow!

Listening to: the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. I have been listening to 2Cellos on Pandora and the Little Miss Sunshine got sprinkled in. It's wonderful. Instrumental music calms me. Motivates me. Speaks to me. I've always wished I could play an instrument. That one time Shawn and I went to the symphony, us in our fancy young-marrieds attire, my heart felt so full. There's something about a violin that feels so spiritual and touching...with a bit of sadness that reminds you of your humanness and shortcomings~giving you humility.2Cellos
photo credit Dean Bertoncelj

Eating: monster bars. Ladies, my sugar problem has gotten out of control. I am definitely an emotional eater. If one of the kiddos is acting out, or I am just generally stressed out, I reach for a sweet. For a short time, it helps. You'd think my family history of diabetes, etc would whip me into gear. Ideas?That aside, I recommend monster bars for a quick potluck fix or easy recipe to do with the kiddos. You just dump everything in the mixer and mix. Spread in a bar pan and bake 15 minutes.

Wishing: Foremost, I wish Shawn and I could go on a date. It's been awhile. I want to get dressed up and go do something artsy and cultural, like a tour of the art museum or lazy stroll through the library's wonderfully ominous, proud stacks.Secondly, I wish a cleaning fairy would come make all my dreams (for the house) come true.


Jenna said...

I had the same monster bar issue over here today! :)

Courtney B said...

Ooooh I am so with you on the house! I can't. keep. up. AH!
You are sooooo pretty!!

Kaitlin said...

eep, i'm in love with your headbands and those darling shoesies. so adorable
happy early easter

xo kaitlin

alishamcclure said...

You are so pretty!!! I love your blog so much!

Summer said...

The sugar issue I think is a large part of being a mom and trying to do anything else (like create!) at the same time- I have just about given up due to the stress level created- as my kids get older they need me full time and I just can't find time to do business stuff, and if I do I feel so stressed and torn which causes stress hormones to be released, and those stress hormones cause sugar cravings. If I have any advice (I am constantly learning myself!) it would be whenever possible to just do/focus on one thing at a time, and create during naptime, or before the kids wakeup or after their bedtime. Easier said than done sometimes though!

Brit said...

I hear ya on the sugar. I became an emotional eater a year ago, didn't realize it until recently. This was a fun post to read. When your done with the cleaning fairy, send her my way. Thanks :)

his_girl_friday said...

Monster bars look amazing.

Carmen said...

I'm totally an emotional eater too! I will often find myself just standing in my pantry, looking at what I could eat. Or I will buy a bag of candy, convincing myself I can eat just one or two pieces...nearly the whole bag later...yuck! However, I think I've recently developed a dairy intolerance, so that makes it easier to stay away from much of the chocolaty stuff or baked goods made by others (w unknown indgredients). So, I guess you could try that. :)

katygirl said...

You're cute. ;)