Apr 2, 2012

Graham Cracker Peep House-Easter Recipe

You know when you see something online, and you're all, "I'm so going to make that."

And when you try it, it's a big flop?

Such was the case with this darling recipe for Graham Cracker Peep Houses that I found through TipJunkie, as originally demonstrated on Kasey Buick One Girl Talks.

Aren't they cute?
photo credit

Here's how ours turned out:
I just couldn't get the dern icing to hold the graham crackers. The kids were sure cute making these, though.I had Wilder hold one house steady so it would look finished:
There we go!
Sort of.
You will need: peeps, grahams, icing, edible grass (I could only find that at Target)
Just follow the tutorial here.
And if it doesn't turn out perfect, no one will blink an eye.
It's really to eat anyway.
Also I had an idea to create a healthier version using Club Crackers (the house), peanut butter (the glue), skinny slices of celery (grass), and a bread bunny or bird (using a cookie cutter).

On another note, the Cottage Collective's Grand Opening this weekend was a big hit!
photo credit

There was even live music in the courtyard:photo credit

I had the time of my life.


katygirl said...

Yay for the grand opening!!

Brandi said...

Hey that's the City Life church band. Right?

kaylee@life chasers said...

Bahahaha! Those houses cracked me up. Probably because I can so relate.
Congrats girl!

Nicole said...

ohmagosh. literally so adorable. i have truly and utterly fallen in love with peeps this year. utterly. completely.

happy monday friend

Bethany said...

I bet the kids loved this... those stinkin' frosting brands are so different and you never know what you're wind up with 'til you get it and try it. Maybe Wilton brand or a homemade royal icing would hold together better next year. Looks like something that would make a fun tradition!

Emily said...

i am laughing so hard. this is the kind of thing that happens to me! at least the kids always have fun! :)

Jenna said...

Mine would have turned out the same! Scratch that. I wouldn't have been ambitious enough to try it....you're right, the opening was great!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww those houses are soo darling!

Janine said...

Congrats on the store opening. I wish you lots of luck. On your bird houses - you used the wrong frosting. You need to make royal icing. I think wilton sells some already made. That frosting is yummy on cupcakes but isn't good for "glue".