Apr 7, 2012

A Prayer to my Savior, Who Has RISEN!

Dearest Savior of mine, Lover of my soul,
I can't think of a time, Jesus, when You were not there for me.
All the times I've fallen, whether by "accident," or of my own doing,
You have always been there to gather the pieces. To reassemble me.
Lord, when Easter comes around, I struggle. It's that whole part where you died and you went through this hugely unfair punishment, a bloody, brutal death, that absolutely rips my heart apart. Especially now that I have a son. It just seemed so unfair.

Then you remind me, so sweetly, that dwelling on that part of Your story is resting in a hopeless state...it is choosing to be selfish about Your story. You've told me it's okay to be sad about what You endured (because death had to happen), but in order for me to fully accept, understand, appreciate, and share what You did for me, I must also take in the big picture.
...of how there was a war going on in the heavenlies.
And You won it. (!!)

Lord, thank you for winning for me.
Thank you for dying for me.

And for rising from the dead so that men, women, the young, & old,
could repent of their sins and ask You to live in their hearts.

When I see You in heaven I am thinking You will have scars where You were nailed.
And if it's okay I would like to kiss them.
Father, thank You for all the times you have kissed away my tears.
For all those times You gave me hope when I had none.
You know I have had some very dark times where I listened to the enemy too much.
He had me so miserable.
I am thankful for all those times You put people in my life
to challenge me and hold me accountable.

For how, over the past year,
You have given me more joy and peace than I have ever felt before;
from age 30 to almost 31 has been my favorite year to be alive.

You have fulfilled a huge dream in my life and I am blown away by it.

I'm thankful that you have ordained all my days on this earth.
And those of my children.

Thank you that I can talk with You.
Be in love with You.I am sorry I do not give You the time You deserve and long for.
I am sorry for all my sin and ask that You would give me the power to rise above it and make Godly, Biblical choices.
Please continue to cultivate my earnestness and passion for You.
Show me ways I can bless other people,
So that they won't go another moment living in blindness.

Thank You that as you bore the cross,
on Your way to death
You helped me find my way.

You helped me find life exuberant and free.
And that is not much of a sad story after all.
You amaze me.
Today I worship and adore You.
drawn by me on the Paper app on iPad


Krista Hutton said...

AMEN! Beautifully said Mindy!!

Liz Lowrey said...

Wonderfully and beautifully written my friend! I love Jesus so!!!

alishamcclure said...

I LOVE it!!!! Every single word. Thank you for a beautiful prayer and sentiment. I will keep this prayer in my mind and my heart every time I lift up my thoughts to Him. Thank you.

Jami Nato said...


leanne said...

A beautiful prayer!