May 21, 2012

After Nearly 1,000 Blog Posts, There's Still More to Say

I have written 931 blog posts, including this one!!
This is my diary, my electronic journal, a place I'll come to years from now to:
A) realize how blessed I was/am
B) realize how little I knew
C) cry over how much the babies have grown
D) thank God for inspiring me with creativity

I think we should party it up for my 1,000th post, don't you?

There's this cute Family Table Talk booklet at the boutique I stole some questions from for today. Mix it up a little...
What is one thing you would like to ask God when you get to heaven?

Will you please forgive me, over and over? Will you hold me, please?

If you could have picked your own name, what would it be?

I have grown to be more comfortable and proud of my name over the years, simply because it's fairly uncommon.
I maybe would've liked Ray (spelled Rae for girl) or Lula after my deceased-how-I-miss-them grandparents.
If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?

Pug or Boston.

What is the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?

Taking care of my babies while I recover from post partum pre-eclampsia (after Story).

Is there something you have done that you are truly proud of? If so, what is it?
 Interning at a nursing home my last semester at K-State was one of the most rewarding, challenging, amazing things I've ever done. But nothing trumps birthing and parenting my sweet kiddos.

What is something you can do to serve and bless someone else?

With the stage of life I'm in right now I can't give monetarily or gifts-wise in the ways I would like to, so, it would be a listening ear, an encouraging word, or simply being there when a friend needs help (servanthood stuff like meals, childcare, note in the mail, etc)

Is there anything you pretend to understand, but really don't?

Directions and locations. I am quite pathetic.

If you are feeling sad, what is something that would cheer you up?

A chocolate chip cookie from Panera (doughey, not burnt)

What is something that really scares you?
Harm befalling the kids. The house catching on fire. Being a widow. If someone I love isn't in heaven with me.

If you could tell your mom to never fix a certain meal again, what would it be?

Salmon patties! Beets!

Can you think of something you would like to invent?

An inexpensive Total Home Cleaning Robot and Laundry Assistant


Emily B. said...

You are awesome Lula Rae! Too funny and BEAUTIFUL with the photo booth shots!

katygirl said...

Love your pics. Love that you're keeping it real.