May 29, 2012

How I Handled Story Turning TWO

God certainly knew what he was doing when He blessed Shawn and I with a daughter.

When we were first talking about having kids, I told Shawn I wanted a boy first. I said, I just don't think I would know how to be a good mom to a daughter. It terrifies me to think of how badly I could mess up. The truth of the matter was that I had old wounds in my heart that needed healing, and that's why the notion of having a daughter terrified me so much. At that point in my life I wasn't really free to give of myself in the ways a mommy wants to give to her daughter.

So God blessed us with sweet, perfect Wilder and paved the way toward ultimate healing in my heart.

We didn't find out Story's gender while she was still in my tummy. The whole time I was thinking, "wouldn't it be neat that now that I'm ready for a mother/daughter bond, now that I'm healthy and have dealt with some things, God would give me a daughter? A little girl to name Story? A baby girl with a story so new, a legacy that begins with her birth, not with my past?"

And then Jesus did it. He gave me my Story girl.
And I was forever changed.
From her chocolate brown eyes to her cute girlish legs, I adore her.

 I guess one of the reasons why I'm so proud of her is because she is living proof of God's compassion and generosity. Of his healing.

He saw the broken heart of mine. Healed it. Then put the "cherry on top" by blessing me with Story.

 So if you see us out in public and I am squealing up a storm at my WildMan and Sissygirl. Don't mind me.
 Quite frankly I can't contain myself.
 For those of you who've never met Story, here are some of her "isms", 
quirks and ways as a now-two-year old:
~Could read with us for hours
~Fiercely independent-"I do it too!"
~Infectious personality
~Wears the biggest, prettiest, ear-to-ear grin, virtually full time
~Knows a few songs. Silent Night, Twinkle Twinkle, Come Into My Heart
~Can count to 10, sometimes 20 (some of the numbers get a little mixed up)
~Enjoys dressing up in anyone's shoes or clothes that aren't hers
~Tans within 2 seconds of being in the sun
~Can hold a crayon the correct way
~She is our dancer
~Insists on brushing her own teeth
~Follows directions very well; we only really have trouble at mealtime
I love you too much!
Goodbye. See you next time!
Sweet dreams. Go night night!
And pretty much anything we says, common nouns, phrases, etc, she repeats.
~She is very verbal; advanced in that area
(this is my one time of year to brag her up)
~Confident and capable
~Getting some tough skin from being around older brother
~Smart and curious
~A born nurturer
Happy, happy birthday to the most amazing girl I have ever met!
Our legacy starts here, Sissy.


Michelle said...

So sweet! Happy birthday little girl!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Story!

Emily B. said...

She is amazing. You are amazing. That pic of her and the water fountain... amazing. And best of all God is so amazing-ly good, He knew what He was doing when He gave those two angels to you and Shawn. Love your heart.

Traci said...

A very Touching post. Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl!!

I have to mention, when I first saw your kids names I almost died. My sons name is Raine and my husband and I have always loved the name "Story" for a girl!

Tonya H said...

I enjoyed reading this so much. My oldest daughter is getting ready to graduate high school. I long for the days when she was Story's age. Where did the time go!
Story is gorgeous! Happy birthday to her.
I found you through Saturated Canary. Great interview.

tricia said...

Oh, mama - I LOVE THIS POST. She is beautiful - a perfect mix of the two of you. :) You made it to TWO - WOO HOO!

katygirl said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Janell A. said...

Awesome post! You forgot to mention her amazing sashay walk! She is absolutely adorable!!!

CraftygasheadZo said...

I found you through Saturated Canary and I'm so glad I did. your post is fab, such adorable pictures and your little girl is stunning! Fab name too. Take care Zo xx

Laceymade said...

she is AMAZING, you are so blessed! Happy Birthday Story Girl!

Kristy R said...

I truly believe being a mom is the best blessing ever!!!
Beautiful family!
Now following, jumped over from NSOHW!

TDM Wendy said...


Carmen said...

What a good mommy you are!

I've been meaning to comment or email to let you know that I visited The Cottage recently and loved your little nook. I snagged a piece of pottery and a headband (a b-day gift for my sister...she is wearing it in the pics on my most recent post). Hope you continue to have great success!