May 24, 2012

Story's Hello Kitty Party-TWO

 We had Princess Story's 2nd birthday party earlier in the week. She turns TWO on the 28th; I'm sure I'll have a full-blown emotional post that day. I love my "real, live doll baby"! She is so spoiled and I'm not quitting that til I absolutely have to. I tell her constantly, whisper in her ear: "I adore you." 
 And she says back, "adore you."

Party details
Bunting on table: Target
Bunting on backdrop: sewn by friend
Hello Kitty cake: Julie
Cupcakes: recipe here
Paper straws here
Hello Kitty supplies: WalMart


tricia said...

Can't believe how close in age our two girls are. :) Happy birthday, precious girl!

Kendall said...

Wow! SO cute! I want a party like that -- i love hello kitty :)


april@gingerbread said...

mindy these pictures are so sweet.....and I love what you whisper is in ear....swoon! xoxo

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness.... how precious is this? LOVE the party!

Bethany said...

Cute, Cute! Can you believe she' 2? Incredible! Also incredible-- Julie's cake!

Kara said...

Bah, what an incredible party! Sometimes I wish I could be young again just to go to these great parties!

Julie said...

Loved celebrating Story! Everything was perfect. :)

Julie said...

Loved celebrating Story! Everything was perfect. :)