May 11, 2012

Turquoise Paint and Washi Tape Projects and Wreath Giveaway Winner

I took a blogging/crafting for "work" break.

I really needed it.

Instead, I have been perusing Avon catalogs, exercising, watching LA Ink, and going to bed early.

And it's been fabulous!

I also completed an 8-day diet; it was really difficult but so worth it.
I will share more on that later.

Tomorrow I turn 31. Oh boy. Seems I just posted about my 30th surprise party. I am shopping/dining with a friend tonight and having girls over for crafting/eating/wining/laughing tomorrow night...on the back patio. Complete with those pretty bulb lights you see at Old Chicago.  
Ahem, Shawn.

Here's what I bought myself for my birthday (major steal). I couldn't resist the butter cream yellow tabletop and near-mint condition teal chairs!

Here are my latest paint projects (before):
 Washi tape worked awesome as an edging tape substitute:
Chicken wire frame with washi tape mini-bunting!
 Here is a special order rosette necklaces duo:
(used washi tape here, too)
 Us at the park today; clearly an interesting picture of the back of the kids' heads.
You're welcome.
Cute neighbor doggie "Tuff" hereby announces the winner of the wreath and jewelry is Tricia Marchand! Congratulations! Send me an email to claim your winnings.

 Happy Weekending!


Liz Ekstrom said...

Love the table! Happy early birthday :)

tricia said...

Happy birthday! :) And I am SO excited to have won! WOOT!