May 1, 2012

Weekend Snaps and Meeting the Pioneer Woman

One of my and Shawn's cheap dates is looking through all the awesome pics on his iPhone. I don't have an iPhone or even internet on my phone, so it's especially entertaining for me; my phone doesn't take nearly quite as quality pics. Often I find myself wishing for at least internet on my phone...so I can find the ingredients for dessert while I'm actually at the store, or when I need to find the hours or phone number to a business...not to mention checking the all-too important Facebook.

For now, it's all good! We cut corners so I can stay home. ;-)
A friend recently commented that she loves how much I'm in love with my kids. I am THAT mom that goes absolutely nutso (as if I'm seeing the kids for the first time), when I go to pick the babies up from the church nursery or MAPS childcare. I am truly smitten by my adorable, ornery cuties.
A nice dude at Chipotle gave us these hats; Wilder's would only stay up if he propped it up on his glasses....
Barn sale sunshine
I try to feed well-balanced lunchie meals; I struggle with the "main dish" alot...I've overused PBJ.
Oh the joys of vintage clothing!
Lastly, I have to tell you my Ree Drummond story. If you don't know who the Pioneer Woman is (I actually have talked to TWO people in my circle who absolutely do not know who she is!) then this story won't make sense.
I was beyond thrilled to hear Ree was going to be doing a book signing at a cool historic theater in our town. I didn't act in time to get a signing ticket, but I tagged along with a friend who DID have one. By the hairs on our chin, we barely made it into to the overflowing auditorium for Ree's presentation (such limited seating).
I was prepared to hear Ree give some giant secret to blogging and business success.
I was ready for the light bulb to hit.
For this epiphany and enlightenment that would surely be the secret ingredient to what I've been missing.
Finally I would know what it would take to gain exposure/likeability!
You know what?
Ree's speech was so down to earth, sweet, and hilarious. It was like listening to her reading a blog post.
photo via

And while she did not share some huge secret to success, through her speech it became very clear to me that she has had it right all along.
That we've just gotta be ourselves.
We all have something special to offer.
And even if "just" one person's life is changed, encouraged, inspired,
well, that's success enough.
Here's a sweet, blurry picture of us. Ree posed with every single lady that came through for a book signing (we waited THREE hours for ours to be signed). I even got a signature from Marlboro Man.
I feel like Ree has worked hard and showcased her many talents. 
She deserves to be where she is!
Love her.


Gma Kathy said...

Awesome Mindy!! WOW, I'm am so impressed that you got a picture with her. I am so ready for a road trip to drive down by Marlboro Man's ranch - just to check it out! Are you game? Maybe on our way to Branson?

A Modern Hippie said...

I'm so jealous you met her and got a picture with her. I love her cookbooks and FN show.

Mae said...

Oh. My. GOSSSSHHH!!!! I'm actually reading her "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" right now and loving it! Can't believe you got to meet her and the Marlboro Man!

The Boccias said...

1. I'm totally with you on the phone thing. I have instagram jealousy. Oh, and texting jealousy too. There is none of that happening on my prepaid crappy phone. :) But we get to stay home!
2. Your kids' lunches look good to me!
3. How fun you got to meet PW!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I LOVE HER TOO!!!! I think she is SO amazing! :-) AND down to earth! :-)

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, so very jealous that you got to meet her!! she is absolutely incredible!! love her blog! really need to get this book :)
xo TJ