Jun 5, 2012

Have you ever gone to the movies solo? I just did.

I am a complete, total hopeless romantic.

Those Nicholas Sparks novels kill me every time
(sidenote: I have to be in the mood for his books; sometimes they annoy me and I want differently-assembled storylines...every author has his/her unique compilation style & I can be picky; Sparks is definitely a remarkable storyteller but I also like writers who reel you in with their focus on complex character development).

That was nerdy book talk. 
Moving on.

Having just finished reading The Lucky One, by Sparks, I noticed it's still playing in the theaters.

I wasn't the only lucky one. Ok lame joke.

So after a quick 3-mile run at the Y (the Y is becoming a new nightly ritual thanks to my patient hubbie), I loaded my sweaty self into the new Ford and headed for a late movie.
Alone. With greasy/sweaty fitness hair.

And it was just plain nice.

I was tempted to text a friend or two, last minute, to see if they could come.

But I had gotten emotionally attached to the story (it's always a different experience watching a movie I've read the book for) & really wanted to savor it alone.

No one was at the movies on a Tuesday night anyway. And even if it had been a weekend, I'd still go alone. I'd always just pretend I was meeting someone.

I did it again last week at Panera, before work. Took a book along. WONDERFUL.

How about you? Would you or have you ever gone to the movies alone?

Perhaps those of us with children can relate to the peace that comes with occasional solitude?

Good night readers, and the critters outside my window.


Nicole @ she-laughs said...

I love being-myself-opportunites in every form. :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

ya know, it is REALLY hard for me to do things alone like dining or movies. but this year, on my BIRTHDAY, for goodness sakes, when no one else could join me for one reason or another, i just decided to go to the movies. and as soon as I started feeling sorry for myself, jesus said, HEY, what about me? I'm with you. let's go together. it was sort of awesome because I wouldn't have had the same experience if i weren't by myself. i'm glad you did it!! i liked The Lucky One, sappy as it was!

Breanna said...

Oh to see a movie in the theater. What a treat that must be! I may have to "borrow" your idea one of these nights and hope that Grant will allow me to actually be away long enough to see a whole movie. ;)

CraftygasheadZo said...

I would love to go alone. But we haven't got a cinema anywhere near here. Good on you though, bet it was fab! Zo xx

Lindsay said...

how was the movie? i LOVED the book!

Kendall said...

I love "me" time but I always feel so awkward going alone to eat or to the movies. Maybe I just need to get out of my comfort zone and do it!

tricia said...

I went to see the same movie solo, back during Mother's Day weekend. IT WAS WONDERFUL. :) I also frequently dine alone on my lunch breaks from work.

the plaid sparrow said...

Oh yes! I have definitely flown solo to movies.
I think it is really nice.
It mostly happened after college. I had moved to Dallas, with few friends around me, so many times I would just take time to sit and enjoy a movie.
It was weird at first, but I came to love those times. :)
Thanks for sharing ... I read the book months ago and plan to see the movie soon ... hopefully. It may come out on DVD before I get the chance. ;)
Happy Wednesday!

Michelle said...

I enjoy going to movies by myself too! I haven't heard anything about The Lucky One - now I'm curious!

ringo's girl said...

YES! I love dining/theatre-going alone...it's funny, I had a waiter who felt sorry for me when I requested a table for ONE! Perhaps it is the much needed solitude that comes with being a mama?!

katygirl said...

Proud of you, girl!!!!