Jul 17, 2012

Life Lately Via iPhone Pics

I don't have an iPhone.

I am one of the few who doesn't have internet on her phone.

Just trust that if I had Instagram I'd be posting cool things. :-)

But for now, Shawn is sweet to email pics from his phone.

mexi food/building towers/grilled cheese/carpet store/diapering dolly/bedtime/shawn's weird art
my shoes are blowfish, market bag is sweet sugar beet http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetsugarbeet

How's your week so far?


Jenna said...

i miss playa!! love the reading pic :)

ElisabethCS said...

Mindy, you're not alone. I don't have an i-phone either. I have the cheapest samsung there is. No reason to have the internet everywhere we go. BUT I do have an i-pod touch(my brother got it for me for my birthday), so I am on Instagram when I'm at home. You might look into that. No plan required. It's so fun on Instagram. Would love to have you on it!I have no doubt your pix would be sweeeet!

Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

I love the pic where you're reading to the kids. Great angle. Great shot.