Aug 22, 2012

Party Planning How To: Plan a Kid's Party on Less than $50!

One of my favorite memories from childhood is the birthday parties my momma threw us girls. They dwindled a bit as we got older and didn't care as much. But those ones when we were younger, with the decor and "loot bags" were simply wonderful!

This is a tradition I have aimed to perpetuate for Wilder and Story. Every year a birthday rolls around I'm so excited to brainstorm budget-friendly party themes and ideas.
This year was no exception. I had come off of a very exhausting weekend, but was able to pull off the Monday morning party at the park okay! I'm glad a friend arrived early to help set up.
I knew that for Wilder's fourth it'd be sweet to honor his love for books. His nose is always in a book! Over the years I have collected tons of vintage children books, so I knew I had the "base decor" already!
Vintage wire baskets: one mine, one borrowed
Red R.E.A.D. letters: borrowed
Three tired stand: already had
Vintage books: already had
Wooden crate: already had
White quilt: already had
Mason jars tied with chevron: already had
Brown paper "runner": postal paper from dollar store
Bunting: made with scraps of chevron, burlap, and book pages
Paper pinwheels: made for my inventory at the shop, out of book pages
Cake: made by me (quadruple layered of devil's food and butter cake)
Paperware: dollar store
Fresh fruit, M&Ms, alphabet crackers, juice boxes, bottled water, cake mixes and frosting ingredients cost the most.
Then the kid's book treats followed in a close second.
I found Richard Scarry board books at the dollar store. I packaged them with gummy worms, a bookmark, and twine. I used vintage book pages stapled to the top of each baggie of worms. These were the kids' favors.

Happy FOURTH Birthday, sweet child of mine.
You are a gift straight from the throne room of God.


Joy Kinard said...

Oh I like this. Super sweet. Very good job! :)

Sara said...

Love the pin wheels on the cake and the favors.

Bethany said...

What a sweet little party! Looks like a fun time!

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet party!! Love all the vintage touches! xo Heather

Sandy a la Mode said...

cute blog redesign! i love the big letters and cake bunting!

Sandy a la Mode

Rachael said...

I really love this theme! I have some bookworms in my house too, gotta love it!

Emily said...

great job lady! such an awesome idea and job. i really love the cake!!

Chelsea said...

Very cute. I love the favors!

kaylee@life chasers said...

it turned out wonderful! it looks so fun!

Christy Niebaum said...

Love the party favors! Great job, momma!

Devon Riesenberg said...

So clever! Those paper pinwheels are so whimsical and fun too...great job!